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Honouring Canada’s D-Day Veterans

On Saturday, June 6, Royal Canadian Legions all across Canada will commemorate D-Day – a military term used to indicate the day a combat attack or operation is set to be initiated.

June 6, 1944, marks the 71st anniversary of the D-Day most familiar to Canadians – the Second World War’s renowned Battle of Normandy, one of Canada’s most significant and successful military engagements. The Government of Canada is proud to pay tribute to all who served in this battle, helping to turn the tide of the Second World War and liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny. 

On that June day long ago, 14,000 Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen – part of a company of nearly 150,000 Allied troops – stormed German defences along an 80 kilometre beachfront, code-named “Juno” in Normandy, France.
Against difficult odds, the Canadian troops advanced further than any of their allies, playing an integral role in the success of the D-Day landings. This victory, however, came at great cost. German defences thickly punctuated the beach – booby-traps, machine guns, artillery and mines.

Canadians suffered more than a thousand casualties on D-Day alone, including over three hundred deaths. Nevertheless, our Canadian troops continued to play a monumental role in the months that followed.

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Royal Canadian Mint invites Canadians to design circulation coins for 2017

ICanadians handle coins less often than they once did, thanks to the convenience of debit cards. But you’ll likely want to own some of the special coins that will soon be minted in honour of Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary in 2017.

A few Yorkton-Melville constituents may even wish to propose a design for one or more of these coins. As the Crown corporation responsible for the minting and distribution of Canada’s circulation coins, the Royal Canadian Mint is inviting Canadians to design Canada’s 150th anniversary coins. The 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, one-dollar and two-dollar coins will circulate in 2017.

The contest provides the opportunity for Canadians to show their justifiable pride in our country. It will also demonstrate the kind of unique Canadian creativity shown by Yorkton-Melville constituent, Rita Swanson, in 1992. The artist from Churchbridge proposed a one-dollar coin design for the Mint’s similar contest in honour of Canada's 125th birthday. Her design won. Today, a six-foot bronze-cast monument of the coin stands just outside the Town of Churchbridge.

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STATEMENTS BY MEMBERS - February 23, 2015

Mr. Garry Breitkreuz, MP Yorkton-Melville:

Mr. Speaker, earlier this month, the civilian review and complaints commissioner for the RCMP finally released his report into the RCMP's handling of the June 2013 flood in High River, Alberta.

Members will recall that both the Canadian military and the RCMP were called upon to undertake a search and rescue operation in response to the devastating flood situation there.

However, long after the town was secured those efforts by the RCMP changed into forcibly entering homes and seizing legally owned firearms and ammunition. The report confirms that hundreds of those firearms were taken without the legal authority to do so.

Back in June of 2013, our government raised the alarm after hearing reports that firearms were being seized by the RCMP. Law-abiding Canadians should never face unlawful search and seizure of their personal property.

The RCMP clearly has a long road ahead of it in restoring the reputation with law-abiding gun owners. Some accountability in light of the report's finding would be a good start.


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