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A Day at the Range with Kevin O’Leary

One of the great pleasures of firearm ownership is our role in educating people on the issues affecting our community.
It is a delight we treasure when we see someone come to understand why our community feels so constantly under attack.
It’s even better when actions are tied to words.
Team CSSA was entrusted to fulfill this role with one of the leading contenders in the CPC leadership race – Kevin O’Leary.
Like many others, Mr. O’Leary reached out for some wisdom and guidance through the perilous minefield of Canada’s firearm laws and policies.
Mr O’Leary and his policy team met CSSA Executive Director Tony Bernardo and senior CSSA Provincial Instructor John Baker at Oshawa’s Marksmen Club. John is also the President of this great facility.
The longer than expected meeting resolved some policy issues and certainly educated Mr. O’Leary and his staff on some of the more onerous aspects of the Firearms Act.
Mr. O’Leary said he had tried to read the Act. “It is 144 pages of incomprehensible gibberish” he stated. “If I am elected, I will repeal the entire Firearms Act and replace it with sensible laws Canadians can understand.” 
Mr. O’Leary admitted he had made some erroneous comments regarding AR15s but has since changed his position on these firearms. “The AR15 is just a rifle, one of the most common hunting firearms in the world. The unjust restrictions on these ordinary firearms will be changed to permit them to be used for hunting,” said O’Leary.
He also spoke out strongly against the UN Marking Regulations stating, “This is ridiculous. Everything we need to trace firearms is already contained in the serial number and other information on the firearm.”

Mr. O’Leary and his staff have pledged to work with members of our community going forward to effect these positive changes. The CSSA appreciates the time Mr. O’Leary and his staff spent learning about our issues, and we thank him for his support to our community.

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