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Firearm Insurance

Recommended Firearm Legal Defence Coverage

Endorsed Protection for Responsible Gun Owners

Endorsed by the CSSA’s staff and directors, Firearm Legal Defence Insurance offers critical financial and legal support. 

The standard coverage for $95/year provides up to $250,000 for each legal incident and $1,000,000 annually, including legal fees, court costs, and lost wages due to court attendance. 
Members also benefit from unlimited access to a toll-free legal advice helpline. It’s a proactive measure for peace of mind in complex legal situations.

Firearm Legal Defence Plans

Tailored Legal Coverage for Peace of Mind

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Standard Plan

$95Per Year
  • Legal fees & court costs
  • $250k per occurrence
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Plus Plan

$195Per Year
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • $1M per claim
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Family Add-On

+$40Per Year
  • Family Extension
  • Spouse & dependents under 25
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Choose added protection

  • Personal Injury Support: Legal assistance and cost coverage if injured in a firearm or bow-related incident.
  • Broadened Equipment Coverage: Insurance now inclusive of various bow types, such as crossbows and longbows.
  • Legal Defence: Representation for charges related to firearm usage, storage, or transport.
  •  Self-Defence Cases: Support for incidents involving self-defence or protecting property.
  •  License Appeals: Assistance with challenges to firearm licensing decisions, excluding new applications.
  • Comprehensive Legal Coverage: Lawyer fees, court, and expert costs, including for police and medical reports.
  • Adverse Costs Protection: Payment of opponent’s court costs if mandated by the court.
  • Wage Reimbursement: Covers lost earnings when attending legal hearings, with up to $500 daily and a $10,000 cap per case.
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