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Firearm Safety Training

Firearm Training

Tailored Courses for Every Skill Level

Gun clubs can book courses to suit your schedule. You don’t have to wait for our next scheduled training opportunity. Clubs are not required to be CSSA-affiliated, but all course participants must be CSSA-insured members for liability reasons.

The Course Fee covers all training manuals and instructor expenses, whether the training is held at your club or our facilities. Because of this, the minimum number of students is based on course location and travel distance for our instructors. CSSA covers all travel expenses for our instructors.

Training Facility Requirements

Clubs must provide a suitable classroom to accommodate the students and range facilities. 

Ideally, the gun club would provide these facilities free of charge, but if a fee is required, it would be in addition to the CSSA course fee.

Firearms Training Programs

Specialized Firearm Courses

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