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Police Pistol Combat Competitor

Allow for close interaction between civilian competitors and peace officers.

Police Pistol Combat (PPC) Overview

PPC competitions allow for close interaction between civilian competitors and peace officers.

The goal of the program is to have all competitors playing by the same rules as too much variation in interpretation of the rules leads to confusion for the competitors.

The CSSA policy is to ensure that good relations with the Police Services are not jeopardized in any way. We place a student’s attitude during the certification courses and competitions at the same level as safety and proficiency in handling firearms.

Course Duration

One day and, the student, if passed, will be holster certified to shoot leagues, local, regional, provincial, and postal matches.


Must hold a valid RPAL, be a CSSA member in good standing and have 1 year of shooting experience

The day will consist of a theory course on PPC with exam, followed by a dry fire and then a live fire holster qualification course, and a 1200 match.


• A centre-fire revolver or pistol with a caliber greater than .38, and a minimum barrel length of four inches and maximum of 6″.
• A holster that fits your firearm, attached to a secure belt. Holster must cover trigger guard and have retention. Must go through belt loops. ( Not a belt over track pants)
• A minimum of three speed-loaders for revolvers, and four magazines for pistols.
• A minimum of three speed-loader holders, or four magazine holders, attached to your belt.
• Hearing and eye protection.
• A ground carpet for use while prone, sitting, and kneeling.
• A pen, paper, and calculator.
• A bucket for collecting spent brass, speed loaders, and magazines
• Up to 400 rounds of ammunition. No magnum. (The course is a minimum of 228 rounds)
• Course fee.

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