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A Tribute to Candice Bergen, M.P.

A Tribute to Candice Bergen, MP

On February 1, 2023, Candice Bergen, the long-time Member of Parliament for Portage—Lisgar (MB), retired from federal politics.[i]

This announcement doesn’t come as a surprise, as Ms. Bergen previously said she would not run for re-election just days before Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party.

While we are thrilled for Ms. Bergen and her future outside of politics, it’s a sad day for all Canadians because we lose a Member of Parliament whose high integrity and strength of character are rarities in the political realm.

From October 14, 2008, until her retirement 14 years later, she faithfully served her constituents of Portage—Lisgar.

Throughout her career, Candice Bergen was a stalwart on firearm issues. She always stood behind positive firearms legislation and against legislation that would negatively impact Canada’s lawful firearms community.

In 2009, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority government, Candice Bergen introduced Bill C-391, which would have repealed the federal long gun registry. That bill failed after six NDP members who originally backed the bill switched sides.

In 2011, Candice Bergen successfully shepherded its replacement, Bill C-19, the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, through Parliament at the request of Prime Minister Harper.[ii] That bill became law on April 5, 2012, and is one of Ms. Bergen’s greatest accomplishments on behalf of firearms owners.

Ms. Bergen supported the Simplified Classification System which, as the name implies, will remove the insanity of our current firearm classifications and replace it with a system that citizens, police, lawyers and judges can all understand.

In short, Candice Bergen exemplifies the character traits to which every elected Member of Parliament should aspire: integrity, clarity and common sense.

A brief summation of Candice Bergen’s accomplishments:

  • Stephen Harper selected her as his Manitoba Campaign Chair for his successful bid for leadership of the Conservative Party;
  • Elected Member of Parliament for Portage—Lisgar in 2008;
  • Chair of the Standing Committee on Human Resources;
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety;
  • Minister of State for Social Development;
  • Opposition House Leader;
  • Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party and Deputy Leader of the Opposition; and
  • Interim Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition.

Constituents of Portage-Lisgar loved her, a fact evidenced by the percentage of votes cast for her in each of five federal elections.

  • 2008: 3%
  • 2011: 76%
  • 2015: 84%
  • 2019: 8 %
  • 2021: 52%

Ms. Bergen, on behalf of all Canadians, we thank you for your exemplary service to us all throughout your career. Your integrity, strength and character will be sorely missed.

Branden Leslie, who will run to succeed Ms. Bergen, has already reached out to CSSA for guidance on the firearms file, so the future looks bright for the constituents of Portage-Lisgar.







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