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An Open Letter to Matt Gurney from a CSSA Member


Dear Matt,
I read your article and it was very informative and refreshingly well written. I saw it in a bulletin published by the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.  It has inspired me to write this letter. I want to say, quite confidently, that we have been duped yet again as Canadians.
If there was ever a subject that clearly identifies the deception masked as incompetence by our government, it would be the subject of the “gun debate” or “gun control”. Your article points out the incompetence, but I want to point out the deception.
What is there to debate? We live under a Charter of Rights and Freedoms which by definition are freedoms granted by those that rule us.  Any one can look it up in a legal dictionary and see that this is true. Canada is not governed by those that protect our inherent freedoms. Why would such rulers want to allow us to have guns?
In Canada, our government only allows us enough guns to deceive us into believing that we are free but not enough to overthrow their power.  This is where the debate should begin and end but, instead, the irrational debate continues in so many futile directions that it makes me dizzy. Is there no one in Canada that will call a ‘spade’ a spade?
It is no co-incidence that as the Canadian government is positioning itself to increase its control on guns, and they will, as per the boiling frog method, gun sales across Canada are at an all time high. If you strip away the idiotic rationalizations for ‘gun control’ there is nothing left to say but that our Monarchy does not want an armed population to realize that we have been deceived into believing that we are free.
The paradox is that behind every government idea, anywhere in the world, there is a gun. Force is the only power that a government ultimately holds. With some governments, it is directly apparent such as China, where government dissidents, if effective, are executed with a gun. America, on the other hand, understood that freedom from tyranny requires the gun and their founders wrote this ideology into their Constitution. They understood that freedom will never be given but instead, must be fought for. 
Then there is Canada, where essentially our government gouges one of our eyes out against our will and tells us that we are free to see because we still have use of our other eye. If this irrational debate over gun laws continues, Canadians will soon be volunteering to gouge their own eye out. It seems to be the Canadian way.
The debate is yet another example of how a government controls its empire by dividing us over irrational discussions that will never resolve anything while their true source of power is never brought to light and thus remains unchanging.
Logically, if we are truly “free” and government is our servant, shouldn’t the people be armed as our governments are armed? What do they fear? Who is the master and who is the servant in Canada? I will answer my own question by saying that whomever holds the gun holds the power and, in Canada, the government and the criminals hold the guns yet our leaders, who have sworn an oath to the Queen and not the people, are constantly trying to restrict gun ownership for law-abiding people. What a disgrace. This is the Canadian deception that we are living. 
Why would an individual in a free society voluntarily give up their right to arm themselves? This is not logical. The bad guys will always have guns and that is why there are laws already in place against gun violence. Government too will always have guns. This is another eternal truth like death and taxes. What is also proven historically true as executed in the field by the Nazis, is that if a lie is repeated often enough people will believe it. I think history is repeating itself with all the irrational arguments and outright lies surrounding the efforts for more gun control.  
Will no one point out that the end game, the elephant in the room, is people control and not gun control?
David Lisi
See Matt Gurney’s story HERE

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