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Bill Blair: Greatest AR-15 Salesman in Canadian History


May 23, 2019

Today, a quality source with direct knowledge re-confirmed the Liberal government will attempt to ban the AR-15 rifle by Order in Council, bypassing parliamentary accountability. Apparently, Justin Trudeau will announce the ban at the “Women Deliver Conference” between June 3-6 in Vancouver.

It has been widely speculated New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will attend the conference to hear Justin Trudeau announce the AR-15 ban. However, her office, so far, has responded to our attendance confirmation requests with stony radio silence.

On Sunday, May 19, Minister Blair all but told CTV’s Evan Solomon the Liberal government would ban the AR-15 by Order in Council.

“I think there is no measure that I think we can rule out,” Blair said.

Trudeau, via Bill Blair, will now ban the world’s most popular sporting rifle so it can virtue-signal Canada is “doing something” about crime guns.

When news first surfaced, the Liberal government immediately denied any kind of gun ban was in the works. It appears Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is, once again, lying through their teeth.

Let’s be clear. The only thing the Liberal government will accomplish with this blatant virtue signalling is to mobilize target shooters across Canada to work their butts off to defeat the Liberal Party in the upcoming federal election.

In the extreme short term, this impending Order in Council turns Minister William Blair into Canada’s AR-15 Salesman of the Year.

But time is running out fast.

You have until June 2nd to buy your very own AR-15 before the Liberal government makes it impossible for ordinary Canadians to own a beautiful .22 calibre, 5-shot, semi-automatic target rifle of their very own.

Yes, the AR-15 is classified as a Restricted firearm.

Yes, the AR-15 may only be fired at a government-approved shooting range.

Yes, you may have less than 10 days to purchase the world’s most popular sport shooting rifle. Do it now! See below:

– 30 –

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