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Branden Land: The Predictable Result of Trudeau’s Failed Policies

On Monday, Edmonton Police issued a “shelter in place” order because an armed suspect was roaming the area of 48 St. and 28 Ave. The E.P.S. Tactical Unit and other police officers flooded the area, resulting in the arrest of 25-year-old Branden Land.

Land is charged with careless use of a firearm, pointing a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm and at least three other offences.

At the time of his arrest, Land faced 15 outstanding warrants. This career criminal is the poster-criminal for “high-risk offender” – the type of criminal Justin Trudeau’s government does their very best to ignore.

Statistics Canada shows that violent criminal offences are up across the country in a host of categories.

  • Weapons prohibition order offenders are up 66.5%.
  • Assault with a weapon is up 61.4%.
  • Homicide is up 57.4%.

Justin Trudeau’s “solution” to this national epidemic of violent crime is to ban and confiscate firearms from licensed firearm owners.

It’s no surprise that Trudeau’s actions haven’t made a dent in Canada’s soaring violent crime rates.

Trudeau isn’t interested in taking illegal guns out of the hands of these violent offenders. He’s also not interested in locking them up.

Trudeau systematically reduced sentences and eliminated mandatory minimum penalties for gun smugglers and those caught possessing illegal guns.

We know why groups like PolySeSouvient and Coalition for Gun Control ignore these glaring disconnects. Rising violent crime, specifically the fear it spawns, serves their agenda to ban all firearms in Canada. Their agenda and Trudeau’s appear to be in lockstep.

But we’re baffled why traditional media sources have no interest in pointing out the fact that Trudeau’s policies have no rational connection to his stated desire: to “keep Canadians safe.”

Are these media outlets so bought into Trudeau’s lies, to use a vehicle analogy, that taking cars away from sober drives will miraculously stop drunk drivers?

Or are they so bought into Trudeau’s media slush fund that they don’t dare point out this gross stupidity on the part of Trudeau and his government?

Or is it both?

Whatever the answer, this nonsense must stop.

Canadians don’t need more lies from our politicians. We certainly don’t need those lies amplified by media outlets that receive federal government handouts to stay in business.

Our job and yours, is to educate our fellow Canadians and to encourage them to withhold their support for the most corrupt Prime Minister this country has ever seen.

We need more Canadians to realize they’re being lied to, and to take a few minutes to research these issues for themselves.

When that happens, Trudeau’s entire house of cards will come tumbling down.

That day can’t come soon enough.


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