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Budget 2023, the Mass Casualty Commission Report and Other Liberal Lies

Trudeau’s latest budget confirms what we’ve known from the start. His Liberal government has no intention of paying gun owners compensation when they confiscate our guns.

They had no confiscation compensation plan when they dropped the May 1, 2020 gun ban on our heads.[i]

They had no confiscation compensation plan when they then-Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair dropped his 2020/2021 Main and Supplemental Estimates on November 25, 2020.[ii]

They had no firearms confiscation compensation plan when they announced the legislation that would supposedly contain their firearms confiscation compensation plan in 2021.

They had no firearms confiscation compensation plan when they announced Bill C-21, the act which would steal millions of dollars from grieving families when police seized the handguns of deceased lawful owners.  In some places this has already started.

They had no firearms confiscation compensation plan when they tried ramming through their semi-automatic rifle and shotgun ban as amendments to Bill C-21.

And the lack of a budget line item for their firearms confiscation compensation plan in their 2023 budget proves they STILL have no firearms confiscation compensation plan today.

But some well-connected Liberal-supporting IT company will snap up the lion’s share of the $29 million budgeted “for Public Safety Canada and the RCMP to implement an IM/IT solution to compensate firearms owners and businesses and safely remove assault-style firearms from Canadian communities.”

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino audaciously claims this is proof that “We’ll soon begin a buyback program to get them off our streets.”[iii]

No you won’t. Your own budget (once again) proves this louder than any virtue-signalling hogwash from the minister.

Trudeau’s government gleefully allocated $530 million for “Temporary Lodgings for Asylum Seekers in Need of Shelter” and another $469 million for “Healthcare Support for Asylum Claimants and Refugees.”

Perhaps so they could claim they did NOT spend a billion dollars on illegal border crossers?

Not one penny for private property this federal government insists it will confiscate, by force if necessary, from its lawful owners.


Mass Casualty Report to the Rescue?

Like the Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, the Mass Casualty Commission’s final reports continuously ignores the fact the Nova Scotia mass murderer did not have a firearms licence and he acquired all his firearms and ammunition illegally.

The report decries the lack of a “regulatory mechanism to track or limit personal stockpiling of ammunition” while disregarding the fact that this had no bearing on the mass murder’s actions.[iv]

The Nova Scotia mass murderer ignored every other law pertaining to firearms ownership and use, but an ammunition limit would have miraculously stopped him from murdering 22 people? 

Without question, this calls the credibility of the MCC recommendations into extreme doubt. These recommendations appear to be a thinly veiled attempt to further Justin Trudeau’s “ban everything” strategy.

Recommendation C.21 asks the federal government to

  • “prohibit all semi-automatic handguns and all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that discharge centre-fire ammunition and that are designed to accept detachable magazines with capacities of more than five rounds”
  • “prohibit the use of a magazine with more that five rounds…”
  • “establish limits on the stockpiling of ammunition by individual firearms owners”

(By the way, there are already ammunition limits.  They are contained in the Explosives Act, not the Firearms Act – ED)

Perhaps the most laughable recommendation is one that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government flatly refuses to implement: “take steps to rapidly reduce the number of prohibited semi-automatic firearms in circulation in Canada.”


Banning guns is easy.

Collecting them from their lawful owners (those who are licenced to own firearms and who registered their guns) constitutionally requires a Firearms Confiscation Compensation Program – the very program this government refuses to create, let alone fund.

But virtue-signalling with a $29 million slush fund? That’s Liberal politics 101. Of course there’s money for that.

On March 28, 2023, Marco Mendicini claimed:“#Budget2023 lays the groundwork for this program with $29M for an IT platform that it will use.”[v]

Key word: “groundwork.”

There is no plan.

There is no money.

But there are great big steaming piles of Liberal lies claiming the exact opposite of their actions.

Even PolySeSouvient is sick of the Trudeau government’s endless lies about the Firearms Confiscation Compensation Program.

The #AR15 was banned in 🇨🇦 in May 2020. The @liberal_party was twice elected on a promise to buyback newly prohibited assault weapons. The 2yr amnesty has long been exceeded & extended. It’ll soon be 3 years since ban, & still no roll out of buyback program.”[vi]

And then four years since the ban… and five years since the ban…

Because this Liberal government never intended to pay compensation for private property it will steal from ordinary, honest Canadians.

This should be crystal clear…  even to PolySeSouvient.







[iv] Mass Casualty Commission Report Volume 4, Pp 566-567

[v] ibid


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