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Can We Kiss Firearm Confiscation Compensation Goodbye?

On May 1st, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair promised gun owners they would receive fair compensation for any firearms confiscated under their May 1st gun ban by Order in Council.

It looks more like this was just another lie in a long list of Liberal Lies.

On September 22nd, the government canceled the tender for contractors to develop and implement a firearm confiscation compensation program.[i]

What does this mean?

According to Public Safety spokesperson Tim Warmington:

“The bid evaluation process did not yield to the selection of a successful bidder. A revised Request for Proposal will be introduced in the near future.”[ii]

Of the government’s 15 hand-picked companies, not one was willing to submit a proposal.

Their silence speaks far louder than any ministerial spin put out by Public Safety.


Bad Policy Sold with No Plan, All Based on a Lie

Facts seem irrelevant to the Trudeau government.

The Liberal government’s May 1st gun ban was bad public policy with no plan to implement it, and was sold to Canadians using the lie that licensed gun owners are to blame for mass murder.

Neither the Danforth shooter nor the Nova Scotia mass murderer were licensed, nor did thet acquire any firearms legally.

In fact, credible research shows the Nova Scotia killer was most likely a paid RCMP informant or agent.

Despite ample warnings about his danger to the public, the RCMP consistently failed to take substantive action against him.

In an ocean of cover-ups, is it any wonder the Minister of Public Safety and the RCMP were both vehemently opposed to a public inquiry?

When the full and complete truth comes out it could very well damage the RCMP and harm the election chances of the Trudeau Liberals.


Ever-Changing Goal Posts

“We remain committed to introducing a buyback program during the amnesty period,” says Public Safety spokesperson Tim Warmington.[iii]

The failed attempt to hire a contractor to design a Firearm Confiscation Compensation program leaves many questions unanswered.

How can the government introduce legislation to fund its Firearm Confiscation Compensation scheme when it can’t find anyone willing to design and manage the program?

Will the government stick to their confiscation deadline?

Or will they kick it down the road because their compensation program isn’t ready or is of insufficient quality?

The longer the government takes to begin this process, the faster the confiscation date approaches.

There are so many more important issues to deal with in the wake of the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the government as committed as their spokesperson claims or are they just killing time until the amnesty runs out?


Stop Calling it a “Gun Buyback”

To all our friends and the many media people that read our publications, please stop calling this a “gun buyback.” It is nothing of the kind.

The phrase “gun buyback” implies the federal government owned these firearms, sold them to Canadians, and now wants them back.

This is nonsense.

The government cannot buy back what it never owned.

These funds – if they ever appear – are Firearm Confiscation Compensation.

Calling it anything else is government propaganda.





[iii] ibid

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