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Danielle Smith: A Miracle on the Prairies?

Albertans hitched their wagon to liberty and a free market economy on Monday night, electing Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party to a strong majority government.

The establishment media said it was Rachel Notley’s election to lose, that it would be a close race.

The establishment media and their political pundits grossly underestimated Danielle Smith’s ability and tenacity, and they underestimated Albertans’ love for freedom and democracy.

“We faced the most expensive, fierce and coordinated opposition and third-party political campaign in provincial history,” Premier Smith said to a raucous crowd.[i]

“Despite it all, today Albertans chose to move our province forward by re-electing a strong, stable United Conservative majority government.”

This is great news for Alberta’s firearms community, as Premier Smith is an ardent defender of firearm owners.

The great strides made to protect our heritage and way of life before the provincial election will continue, and Alberta will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Saskatchewan on that front.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe reiterated the importance of working together to halt the damaging policies of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

“I look forward to the continued cooperation and collaboration between our two provinces as we address the challenges facing western Canada and build a prosperous future for this generation and the next,” Premier Moe wrote on Twitter.[ii]

Danielle Smith also put Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government on notice.

“We need to come together no matter how we voted to stand shoulder to shoulder against soon-to-be-announced Ottawa policies that would significantly harm our provincial economy.”

“Justin Trudeau is planning on bringing forward new restrictions on electricity generation from natural gas that will not only massively increase your power bills but will also endanger the integrity and reliability of our entire power grid, which we rely on during our cold and dark Alberta winters.”

“In addition, the Prime Minister is ready to introduce a de facto production cap on our oil and gas sector that, if implemented, will result in tens of thousands of jobs lost, tens of billions in lost investment, damage to our province’s fiscal position and bring economic hardship to Albertans.”

“Now, I’ve made myself clear on this matter to the Prime Minister in person and in public,” Smith said, “but I feel we need to do it again.”

“It takes two parties, acting in good faith, to build that meaningful partnership. Alberta is willing to be that partner, and we need our federal government to show it is willing to partner in good faith as well.”

Ottawa is seldom a good-faith partner, as gun owners know all too well. We hope Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government will see the light, but experience tells us a very different story.

Trudeau is prone to dictatorial edicts to protect him and his cronies. He’s yet to prove he can be a good-faith partner with provinces for the benefit of all Canadians.

“We. Are. Waiting,” Premier Smith said.

Yes, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for this federal government to act in good faith.

The best defense is a good offense, so we’re grateful to see Premier Danielle Smith and her United Conservative Party defending of our constitutional rights, our Charter-guaranteed freedoms, our cultural heritage and our way of life.

Congratulations, Premier Smith. We look forward to your next steps forward for all  Albertans and for the benefit of all Canadians.





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