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Dr. Leslyn Lewis: Will Lightning Strike Twice?

Dr. Leslyn Lewis’ explosion onto the political landscape in the 2020 leadership contest was due to her appeal across demographic boundaries. Her campaign’s message – Courage, Compassion and Common Sense – resonated with party members across all age groups and rural and urban Canadians.[i]

Lewis’s message of Hope, Unity and Compassion in the current CPC leadership contest will likely resonate across those same lines again and make her a serious contender for leader.

Using fundraising as a benchmark, Leslyn Lewis is well on her way to another successful leadership bid.

Lewis and her team raised the entire $200,000 entrance fee by the end of March. By April 4th, they also raised the final $100,000 compliance fee necessary to officially place Leslyn Lewis on the ballot. 


On Firearms

In 2020, Leslyn Lewis applied the time-honoured maxim “seek first to understand, then to be understood” before writing her firearms policy. She spent a considerable amount of time learning about firearms and asking for feedback from Canada’s law-abiding firearms community.

As a result, Leslyn Lewis opposes the Trudeau government’s Order in Council gun ban and supports a full review of the Firearms Act.

“The Firearms Act, in its present form, is poorly drafted and confusing even for experts to follow. It’s time for a complete review of Canada’s firearms laws to make sure that they are actually doing what they’re supposed to do,” Leslyn Lewis wrote in a statement emailed to CSSA.[ii]

“We need a simplified classification system that is determined by gun experts, law enforcement, farmers, and sports shooters, instead of politicians and bureaucrats.”

“The goal is to bring some common sense to public safety by ensuring that law-abiding firearms owners understand their obligations and are treated with respect, while targeting actual criminals who don’t care about the law or the safety of others.”


Immigrant Success Story

Leslyn Lewis is the ultimate immigrant success story. Her parents left Jamaica when she was five years old, gambling their future and their daughter’s in the hope of a better life in Canada.

That gamble paid off, partly due to the wealth of opportunities found here, but primarily because of their courage, willingness and strong work ethic.

Dr. Leslyn Lewis is an intelligent, accomplished, hard-working woman who lives and breathes conservative principles.

Leslyn Lewis’ entry into politics is her tangible expression of gratitude for all of the opportunities her adopted country gave her; opportunities she wants for her children and future immigrants.


Electoral History

In the second round of the 2020 Conservative Party leadership contest, Leslyn Lewis beat MacKay and O’Toole with 60,316 votes, winning BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, two of three territories and a huge swath of the GTA in Ontario.

Her total vote count didn’t translate into points in the riding-based ballot system, so Lewis didn’t reach the final round.

Undeterred by this setback, Dr. Lewis sought a constituency to represent in the 2021 federal election. She chose Haldimand—Norfolk and was acclaimed the candidate of record, then earned almost 50% of the ballots cast to win the seat for the Conservative Party.[iii]


Find Out More

To learn more about Dr. Leslyn Lewis and her campaign to lead the Conservative Party, please use the links below:

To financially support Leslyn Lewis’ campaign for leader of the Conservative Party, visit




[ii] Leslyn Lewis’ firearms policy statement emailed to CSSA on March 31st


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