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Election 2019: Liberals Announce Gun Bans

Tony Clement was right. Back in May of this year, the veteran M.P. announced a secret plan the Liberals had concocted to ban certain types of semi-automatic target rifles.

The CSSA’s information concurred with former Minister Clement and we announced the plans to ban firearms in our publications immediately.

It appears we were correct!

At 11:40 EDT am today, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, deflecting away from proven allegations of racism roaring through the media, announced his government would – if elected – “Ban military-style assault weapons and will conduct a buy back program of these types of firearms.” He did not define what that nebulous term “military-style assault weapons” meant nor how the buy-back would be implemented.

He also will allow municipalities to ban handguns within their borders. Trudeau did not describe how this would be enforced or implemented.

Importantly, he did not state how constitution guarantees of equal application of the law to all Canadians would dovetail into increasing restrictions against urban firearms owners.

Don’t the rights of lawful firearms owners count too?

Surrounded by a gaggle of M.P.s, hopefuls and Liberal supporters – and without a single representative of Canada’s 2.2 million firearms owners – Trudeau proved (again) that only certain Canadians enjoy representation within the Liberal party.

And we aren’t one of them.

Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association said,”It’s disappointing, but typical for the Liberals to attack Canada’s 2.2 million lawful firearms owners whenever they get into deep trouble. Canada’s firearms community is the go-to “whipping boy” of the Liberal party- guaranteed to deflect attention away from the latest Liberal scandal of Justin Trudeau’s racist past.”

Trudeau’s hyperbolic rhetoric is purely designed to whip up public sentiment against our community, despite the statistical evidence that firearms owners are the most law-abiding people in our country.

Trudeau’s announcement raises more questions than answers. The Liberals have been unable to define what an “military-style assault weapon” is, or their role within crime.

More to come!

CSSA Executive Director Tony Bernardo on the Importance of Voting in Election 2019

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You can vote TODAY at any Elections Canada office. All you need to know is the name of your candidate and you can vote using a “Special Ballot.”

You can also vote in the advance polls, which take place over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Voting in Election 2019 is far too important to leave to the last minute. Avoid the long lineups on Election Day and vote early, either by Special Ballot at any Elections Canada office or at the Advance Polls on Thanksgiving weekend.

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