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How Do I Qualify for Trudeau’s FREE Gun Giveaway?

Do you have a Firearm Possession and Acquisition License? Do you obey the laws of our country? Are you safe and responsible?

If you answered YES to these questions, you don’t qualify for Justin Trudeau’s FREE “Guns for Gangs Giveaway” CERB Funding.


Those taxpayer dollars are reserved for Toronto and Montreal gang members, according to the Toronto Sun and La Presse newspapers.

“Gang members are cashing taxpayer-funded CERB cheques to buy illegal handguns to protect their turf, property and drugs in the ongoing wars waged on our city streets.”[i]

“We have learned of dozens across the GTA who are doing this. This enables them to buy more handguns, ‘dirty weapons’ (previously used in crimes) for between $400 and $800, and new Glocks, which are reliable and have strong stopping power, for $3,000,” the Toronto Sun source said.

“An in-depth analysis supports the latter’s participation in a fraudulent scheme in connection with the Canadian Emergency [Response] Benefit,” wrote Quebec Superior Court Justice Yvan Poulin in his November 23, 2021 decision.

La Presse then tied CERB payments to criminal gangs who bought illegal guns with CERB payments. [ii]

“It is unacceptable that under your watch, illegal firearms were purchased with taxpayer money in the form of CERB, especially with the surge of deadly shootings taking place across Montreal,” wrote Conservative MPs Raquel Dancho, Pierre-Paul Hus and Stephanie Kusie in a joint letter to the ministers responsible for CERB and Public Safety.

When asked in Parliament what he would do to “ensure this fraudulent activity ends and, more importantly, to bring these criminals to justice,”[iii] Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino’s response was more than a little baffling.

“Mr. Speaker, I think that all members in this chamber agree that we have seen too many lives lost to gun violence. That is why we have taken concrete action by introducing a ban against military-style weapons and additional resources to fight gun trafficking at the border.”[iv]

Only someone disconnected from reality (and accountability) can utter those silly talking points with a straight face.

It’s frightening that the Trudeau government seems completely unconcerned that they paid for over $100,000 of illegal guns for drug dealers and gang members in Toronto and Montreal.

Guns that WILL be used to shoot people.

Worse, they were aware of massive CERB fraud from the program’s inception and didn’t lift a finger to stop it.

That same Liberal disconnect applies again here: They can’t hide from the fact that gang members used CERB payments to buy illegal guns smuggled in from the United States. They won’t lift a finger to stop this either.

Quebec’s Public Safety Minister Geneviève Guilbault has even gone so far as to say that the Trudeau Liberals need to “take its responsibility” and increase penalties for gun crime.[v]

Instead, the Trudeau Liberal government, through Bill C-5, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act[vi] will reduce penalties for

  • Robbery with a firearm
  • Extortion with a firearm
  • Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition
  • Possession of firearm or weapon knowing its possession is unauthorized
  • Possession of weapon obtained by commission of offence
  • Weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition)
  • Discharging firearm with intent
  • Discharging firearm — recklessness

This is taken directly from the Department of Justice Canada website.[vii]

If this whole situation makes you as furious as it makes us, take a minute from your busy day and drop a quick (and polite) email to Conservative Public Safety Shadow Minister, Raquel Dancho.

Tell her how you feel about this act of criminal negligence and pass her the ammunition she needs to expose this appalling negligence to the whole country.

You can reach her by email at:












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