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Jean Charest: No Friend to Canada’s Firearm Owners

Former Liberal Premier Jean Charest believes the Conservative Party of Canada has drifted so far to the left in recent years that he can win the leadership.

If he is elected as CPC leader, Canada’s licensed firearm owners can count on Jean Charest to continue the relentless assault the Liberals have waged against us for the last 25 years.

This is not speculation; this is fact borne out by the historical record.

In 1991, Jean Charest was a cabinet minister in Brian Mulroney’s government. He fully supported then-Justice Minister Kim Campbell’s Bill C-17, which gave the Justice Minister the power to prohibit any firearm the government deemed undesirable.

Bill Blair used the powers Jean Charest supported to ban over 1,500 makes and models of firearms on May 1, 2020.

In 1993, only two Progressive Conservative MPs survived 1993’s electoral purge: Saint John’s Elsie Wayne and Sherbrooke’s Jean Charest.

Charest was appointed interim P.C. party leader and was confirmed to that position in April 1995.

On June 13, 1995, Jean Charest wasn’t even present in the House for the vote on the hated Bill C-68, now the Firearms Act.[i]

In 1998, Jean Charest abandoned any pretense of being a conservative and became the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party where he immediately opened fire on Quebec’s lawful firearms community, fighting for harsher “gun control” measures.

In 2007, Quebec Premier Jean Charest introduced Bill 9, which imposed tougher controls on the use of firearms in the province.

“No one can legislate human folly. But if we can take action to prevent such events, we should,” Premier Jean Charest said.[ii]

Premier Charest wore a pink ribbon when he visited Dawson College to announce the law, which also bans guns from public and school transport.[iii]

“Someone who does not comply with this ban will have to pay a very high fine of as much as $5,000. Those weapons will be seized immediately without a warrant and will be confiscated,” Charest said.

Of course, Charest’s Bill 9 was praised as “a good first step” by Wendy Cukier, president of the Coalition for Gun Control.[iv]

In 2011, as Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest instigated Quebec’s legal battle to retain Canada’s failed Long Gun Registry data after it was removed by Stephen Harper’s conservative government.

Quebec’s Liberal Premier – Jean Charest – called the federal government’s plan to destroy gun registry records “unacceptable.”[v]

“Common sense says if the data exists, it’s there, it could help save lives and we should preserve it,” Charest said. “There’s no reason to destroy it.” [vi]

“We will use every means at our disposal, which we deem useful, to let Quebec’s point of view be known,” Premier Jean Charest said.


CPC Members Beware

Jean Charest is not the “enemy at the gates,” he is already inside the tent. He is not middle-of-the-road. He is a screaming left-wing anti-firearm politician and has the track record to prove it.

It is safe to assume that any CPC member that supports him is also a Liberal in a blue suit.

Expect that during this leadership campaign, Jean Charest will lie to you about firearms ownership. Indeed, if he follows his hard-core Liberal roots, he will lie to you about everything.

Deeds speak louder than words and Charest has already displayed his true colours.

Shun this pretender and all that support him.











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