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Mendicino Cares More About Drug Dealers than Your Family’s Safety

When political considerations drive government policy, the results are always disastrous for ordinary Canadians.

If Marco Mendicino actually cared about the safety of Canadians, he would plug the revolving door in our justice system that sees violent criminals arrested repeatedly for serious crimes – include violating Firearm Prohibition Orders – only to be released so they can commit more crimes.

This is a serious public safety issue we’ve raised regularly with this government, only to be ignored.

Neither Mendicino nor any of his Liberal predecessors have lifted a finger to stop this madness.

They don’t dare, because this Liberal government depends upon the ongoing violence committed by these criminals to keep uninformed voters scared. As we’ve learned, a terrified population will accept any measure, no matter how absurd, so long as it promises that most beloved of all unicorns, safety.

Mendicino uses the tragic deaths caused by violent criminals, drug dealers and gang members to perpetuate his government’s lie.

If we take guns away from law-abiding Canadians, criminals will stop shooting up Canadian streets. We promise!

In a land of Liberal unicorns and fairy dust, maybe, but not here on Planet Earth, where more government regulation didn’t prevent 1,791 convicted criminals from violating their existing Firearm Prohibition Orders in 2021.[i]

Nor will it stop the estimated 1,853 convicted criminals who will violate their Firearm Prohibition Orders by the end of this year.

It is to Canada’s eternal shame that our Liberal Prime Minister and successive Ministers of Public Safety are, like a horse with blinders on, focused on the only thing they can see: more votes from uninformed Canadians.

Keeping Canadians safe never enters their minds, beyond their use of the phrase to distort reality to suit their self-serving agenda.

Their endless, deceitful virtue-signaling on firearms notwithstanding, confiscating lawfully-possessed firearms from licensed Canadian gun owners will never stop violent criminals, drug dealers and gang members from shooting innocent people in our major cities.

You don’t solve a problem by ignoring it.

You solve a problem by dealing with it, no matter how difficult or how politically unpopular it may be.

It’s called behaving in integrity – an ideal our political class has long forgotten.

The sooner all Canadians wake up to this stark reality, the better off we’ll all be.





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