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Of Terrorist Atrocities and Government “Amnesties”

An old saying reminds us, “You don’t need a gun until you NEED a gun.”

The world saw this proved true in the most horrific ways over the weekend. Hamas terrorist atrocities in Israel continue, with no end in sight.

It’s a stark and brutal reminder of why the Americans have the Second Amendment in their Constitution.

There cannot be a right to life without the corollary right to possess the tools required to protect and defend that life.

Israel forgot that historical lesson and, to the world’s horror, is paying the price for it today.

Canada’s Response

Canada condemned “these terrible attacks in the strongest possible terms and reaffirms its support for Israel’s right to defend itself, in accordance with international law.”[i]

Justin Trudeau eventually condemned pro-Hamas rallies across Canada, too.

“The glorification of violence is never acceptable in Canada – by any group or in any situation. I strongly condemn the demonstrations that have taken place, and are taking place, across the country in support of Hamas’ attacks on Israel. Let’s stand united against acts of terror.”[ii]


Gun Confiscation Deadline Postponed Again

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government steadfastly refuses to confiscate 2,000 makes and models of firearms banned by his infamous May 1, 2020, Order in Council.

On October 11, Justin Trudeau admitted defeat. He has no plan for confiscating those guns, no plan to pay citizens for the firearms he promised to confiscate, and everyone knows it.

Trudeau delayed his confiscation deadline two more years.

Adding to Trudeau’s confusion is the one question nobody in his Liberal House of Cards seems willing or able to answer.

What do we do about Saskatchewan and Alberta?

Those two provinces made it exceedingly difficult for the federal government to confiscate firearms.

In Saskatchewan, Robert Freberg, Chief Firearms Officer, Christine Tell, Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, and Premier Scott Moe passed the Saskatchewan Firearms Act to all-but-prevent the federal government from confiscating firearms in their province.[iii]

Their plan was so well designed that Alberta followed suit with Bill 8: The Alberta Firearms Act.[iv]


Dr. Teri-Jane Bryant, Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer, Tyler Shandro, then-Minister of Public Safety, and Premier Danielle Smith implemented their own “Alberta Firearms Firewall.”

Canadian gun owners owe these six individuals an immense debt of gratitude for doing what many said could not be done – stop the federal government from confiscating our guns.

Saskatchewan and Alberta’s defensive acts, combined with the Trudeau’s failure to take a single step toward his confiscation scheme, likely played a huge role in his decision to kick the confiscation deadline, euphemistically called an “amnesty”, two years further down the road.[v]

Justin Trudeau insisted that these banned firearms “pose a significant threat to public safety…” and that “there is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada…” yet his actions prove he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions.[vi]

By the time his latest “amnesty” expires, these firearms will have been safely stored in the gun safes of their lawful owners for over five years.

If these banned firearms are such a threat to public safety, why did Trudeau’s Liberal government admit defeat by postponing their confiscation deadline until after the next federal election?

Because this was never about public safety.

This was always about politics.










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