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PAL/RPAL Holders: Do NOT Install PocketWell App

by Christopher di Armani. Reprinted With Permission.
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Government of Canada Pocketwell AppI’m from the government and I’m here to help” is an oxymoron of the highest order.

When any government claims they’re here to help you, check your pockets to make sure your wallet is still there.

When this Liberal government says it cares about your mental health – a problem they intentionally manufactured with two straight years of 24×7 COVID fear porn – you know the opposite is true.

So, my gun owning friends, if you value your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) or your Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (RPAL), avoid the government of Canada’s Pocketwell app like the plague.

“This app offers free support for mental health and substance use concerns, funded by the Government of Canada,” says the app’s download page.

The fact this app is promoted by Justin Trudeau personally should be all the warning you need.

Am I saying this app is designed specifically to target gun owners?

Nope. Not for a second.

I am saying the PocketWell App is one more tool this Liberal government will use against you simply because it can.


I’m all for mental health and for people getting the help they need.

In fact, that’s precisely why I created The 2-Minute Freedom Challenge – to help my family, my friends and the people I care about most learn how to use gratitude, love, joy and compassion to overcome all the fear, shame, isolation and division our government bombards us with daily.

But the government’s Pocketwell app – more specifically the data collected by the government’s Pocketwell app – will be used against you when it comes time to renew your PAL or RPAL.

Bill C-71 gave the RCMP the power to review your entire life history, including your posts on social media and any other means available to the government (like data from this app), when it comes time to renew your firearms license.

If you believe the government of Canada will not use this information against you, well, my first encouragement is for you to open your eyes to what’s going on all around you.

My second encouragement is for you to watch any of my 2-Minute Freedom Challenge videos and do what I suggest.

If you are a licensed firearm owner in need of assistance, there are a multitude of options open to you that don’t include installing a government monitoring device on your phone.

  1. Use those local options, if you need help.
  2. Reach out to a friend.
  3. Let someone you trust know you’re struggling.

But do not trust this Liberal government to have your best interests at heart.

If the past two years have proven anything, it’s that Justin Trudeau and this Liberal government hates you, hates your guns and will do anything to remove them from your hands.

This Liberal government refuses to fix our broken Firearm Prohibition Order system, as evidenced by the 34 repeat offenders were arrested charged with 77 counts of violating an existing Firearm Prohibition Order so far in January 2022.

This Liberal government reduced criminal penalties for violent criminals committing offences with illegally-possessed  guns – while insisting licensed firearm owners and their legally-owned guns are the problem.

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