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Rcmp Licencing Screwup Finally Discovered After 12 Years

When the RCMP changed its licence renewal processing software in 2003, a programmer’s error turned all Section 12(7) licence renewals into Section 12(6). The RCMP screwup gave 1,356 individuals the wrong Section 12 classification on their licences, an error that allowed these individuals to purchase additional Section 12(6) handguns.

Nobody noticed the problem for 12 long years.

These are Canada’s firearms “experts.”

Section 12(7) of the  Firearms Act provides an exemption for licenced individuals to own Section 12(6) handguns if they are acquired from an immediate relative and the firearm was manufactured prior to 1946. In other words, Section 12(7) allows family heirlooms to be passed down the family tree.

The RCMP programming error renewed all Section 12(7) licences as Section 12(6), granting full 12(6) category “privileges” to 1,356 individuals. Of those 1,356 individuals with newfound Section 12(6) “privileges,” 41 people purchased a total of 114 Section 12(6) firearms.

The RCMP now says those handguns were “unlawfully” acquired.


The RCMP approved each sale and issued registration certificates for every one of those 114 firearms over the course of 12 years.

The Briefing Note to the Minister of Public Safety [i] , unearthed by Dennis Young as part of his ongoing Access to Information campaign against the RCMP, was difficult to obtain. He initially requested the document over a year ago and finally received it on April 17, 2018.

The RCMP went to great lengths to explain to the Minister of Public Safety the total number of Section 12(6) firearms did not increase due to this “error,” but under the heading of “Strategic Considerations” they claimed the following:

“The Firearms Registration Certificates for the 114 affected firearms were not acquired with a valid 12(6) privilege and may require revocation by the CFP’s Registrar of Firearms. To remain lawfully compliant, affected licencees will be able to: transfer the firearm to an individual who has a 12(6) licence privilege; give the firearm to a Public Service Agency or sell to a business (including a museum) that has a 12(6) privilege; export the firearm to another country in accordance with all applicable legal requirements; or, surrender the firearm to a Police Officer or a Firearms Officer for disposal (i.e. destruction).”

To recap, the RCMP screwed up their licence renewal system in 2003. They are so inept it took them 12 years to discover the problem and another 5 months to correct it. The RCMP claims, 12 years later, these firearms were “unlawfully” acquired.

Now, firearm owners who acquired 114 firearms, purchases approved by the RCMP complete with registration certificates issued by the Registrar of Firearms for the Canadian Firearms Program, are being told they must forfeit their guns.

“To date, 1,356 firearms licences were affected by the CFIS error and require corrective action to remove the 12(6) privilege and reinstate the 12(7) privilege. Of the 1,356 licencees, 41 have acquired additional 12(6) firearms they were not legally authorized to acquire and therefore corrective action is required.”

The RCMP could not find a toilet if it was strapped to their buttocks.

If you believe the RCMP is too inept to be placed in charge of finding the bathroom, let alone issuing firearms licences or classifying firearms, write to Ralph Goodale, our Minister of Public Safety, and express your opinion to him on this issue.

Send your email, snail mail or phone message to:

The Hon. Ralph Goodale, P.C., M.P.
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Telephone: 613-947-1153
Fax: 613-996-9790

Section 12(7) licencees are not permitted to obtain additional 12(6) handguns. These individuals are deemed safe with the guns they acquired from their relatives, but are deemed  un safe to possess additional firearms. As with many government policies, their policy on firearms does not make sense.




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