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September is Stabbing Month?

Days after the 1-year anniversary of the largest mass stabbing event in Canadian history, the RCMP is under fire over an allegation that they failed to send their Emergency Response Team to James Smith Cree Nation because “the team was in between contracts.”[i]

This news highlights a national police force suffering repeated high-profile failings, including their response to the Nova Scotia mass murderer in 2020.

Both Justin Trudeau and his shiny new Public Safety Minister remain silent on September’s epidemic of violence committed with knives.

News reports detail 16 stabbings with 24 victims across Canada in the past seven days alone. The offenders in these stabbings range from 12-year-old girls (three of them) to men in their sixties.

If these were shootings, Justin Trudeau would hold non-stop press conferences decrying the violence and slap round after round of new restrictions on licensed firearm owners.

But guns aren’t involved, so neither Justin Trudeau nor Dominic LeBlanc show the slightest interest in these stabbings or protecting Canadians from them.

Trudeau’s perverse affection for violent offenders, as evidenced by his repeated lowering of criminal penalties for those caught with illegal guns, disgusts those millions of ordinary Canadians who faithfully obey every rule and restriction.

And the stabbings continue unabated.

Here are just a few of the low-lights:

On September 5 in Winnipeg, MB, one assailant is responsible for two stabbings in 15 minutes. The first, a 68-year-old male victim suffered minor upper-body injuries. The second, a 39-year-old male victim suffered upper-body injuries and was transported to hospital in stable condition.[ii]

On September 10 in Halifax, NS, a 12-year-old girl stabbed a 15-year-old girl, who suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The 12-year-old was released on conditions and will appear in court at a later date.[iii]

On September 10 in Vancouver, BC, Blair Evan Donnelly, convicted of stabbing his own daughter to death in 2006, was released on a day pass. He stabbed people in three separate incidents before police caught up with him. This is the second time Donnelly has attacked people while on a day pass from Coquitlam’s Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, which houses several high-profile killers.[iv]

On September 17 in Toronto, ON, four men were stabbed in what may be four separate incidents. Police have no suspects in any of these assaults.[v]

On September 18 in Vaughan, ON, two 13-year-old girls allegedly stabbed another girl multiple times.[vi]

Dereliction of Duty?

Canada’s alarming uptick in violent stabbings warrants immediate intervention, yet Justin Trudeau and Dominic LeBlanc remain fixated on lawful gun ownership and confiscating firearms from them.

This disparity in how Trudeau’s government deals with different types of violence reveals a glaring and fundamental flaw in its approach to public safety.

Equally unsettling is the age of the perpetrators. The fact that 12-year-old girls now resort to stabbing one another to resolve disagreements highlights the necessity for serious and comprehensive action. These aren’t isolated events. They’re part of a much a broader, systemic issue that must be addressed.

Trudeau’s silence on the rise in stabbings is not an accident—it’s a dereliction of duty.

While an election likely remains a year or more away, now is the time to get engaged at your local political level so that when Trudeau finally calls the election, we are ready to elect a government that will take its public safety responsibility seriously.

In eight long years, Justin Trudeau repeatedly proved that he is not the man for this job.












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