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Gain precision in action shooting with CLAS-H fundamentals.

CSSA CLAS-H Overview

Club Level Action Shooting – Handgun, aka CLAS-H, is a dynamic, scenario-based, action shooting discipline in which shooters can hone their accuracy and mental acuity through practice. CLAS-H is designed to be a safe, fun, non-competitive, action shooting program at the club level.

The primary rules are simple: Be safe and have fun.

From standard target engagement to recreating movie scenes to duplicating stages from international competitions, all are valid scenarios for CLAS-H Competitors.

 Participation Requirements

– Centrefire handgun (9mm or larger, semi-auto or a double-action revolver).
– Participants should have a minimum of six (6) months of experience firing a centrefire handgun and a minimum of 400 rounds downrange.
– A least three (3) magazines for semi-automatic handguns or four (4) speed loaders for revolvers.
– A good belt and secure holster for your handgun.

CLAS-H Training Courses

CLAS-H Competitor Course

This Competitor course is for individuals who are experienced with centerfire handguns and want to learn the CLAS-H discipline. Participants are instructed in the safety and technical aspects of the discipline through lectures, practical demonstrations, and evaluations.

Training subjects include:

– Safety
– Equipment
– Range Official commands
– Holster usage
– Starting positions
– Reloading
– Use of Cover & movement
– Target engagement
– Courses of fire
– Scoring & penalties

Graduates of the course will have demonstrated they understand and can adhere to all required safety protocols.

 CLAS-H Upgrade Course

This course is for current, experienced participants in IDPA, CDP, IPSC, or similar action shooting disciplines. It is a short introduction to how CLAS-H differs from these disciplines, both from a technical and scoring perspective. Participants are instructed by lectures and practical evaluations.

Successful course graduates will be recognized as CLAS-H Competitors.

CLAS-H Range Official Course

The Range Official course is for experienced CLAS-H Competitors with a thorough knowledge of its rules and requirements.

Course training includes:
– Full coverage of safety infractions defined in the CLAS-H
– How to supervise CLAS-H Competitors during a match
– How to design and tailor a Course of Fire suitable for the host range

Successful course graduates will demonstrate they understand and can execute the safety protocols of both course design and participation of competitors on the range.

A CLAS-H Range Official is also recognized as a CLAS-H Competitor for match qualifications.

CLAS-H Instructor Course

For experienced CLAS-H Range Officials.

Participants of the Instructor course will learn training techniques and student assessment tools and, upon completion, will possess the knowledge and tools to teach students all required safety protocols of CLAS-H.

Graduates of the Instructor course will demonstrate they can execute the following courses:

CLAS-H Competitor
CLAS-H Upgrade
CLAS-H Range Official

to CSSA members while maintaining a consistent, defined curriculum.

A CLAS-H Instructor is also recognized as a CLAS-H Range Official for match qualifications.

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