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Sport Pistol

Firearm Calibre

.22 cal

Firearm Specifications

Barrel length no more than 6”

Trigger weight no less than 1,360 grams (2 lbs)


Precision Stage

Standard Pistol Target Rapid Stage

Rapid Fire Target specifications as per ISSF rules


25M (official) – 25yd, 20yd & 50ft targets available

Number of Shots

60 rounds

Course of Fire

Precision Stage – 6 strings of 5 rounds each in 6 minutes

Rapid Stage – 6 strings of 5 rounds, 3 seconds for each shot, followed by a 7-second delay

Range Commands

Are You Ready? (command to fire is given after a 7-second pause)

Other Comments

Discipline is shot with one hand from a standing position

Arm cannot be raised until the command to fire is given

The course of fire is identical to Centrefire except for calibre

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