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Team CSSA E-News – August 21, 2015


When speaking to English Canada, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is very clear. He’s against the gun registry. Except that he voted to keep it and would, to use his own words, “vote once again to keep the long-gun registry.”

Curiously, in Quebec he’s totally for the useless and failed project. Says Trudeau: “I find it’s a very good idea. Because in Quebec it was not at all as divisive as it was elsewhere in the country.”

Is “divisive” the Liberal’s determining factor for good public policy? We don’t think so, but it may be a good indicator that Justin is not quite prime ministerial material – not by a long shot.

It seems apparent that were it not for his famous father, nobody would even know his name. He certainly wouldn’t be the leader of a national political party!

His failure to clearly state his position on Canada’s failed long-gun registry is telling of his leadership abilities. It certainly seems that Mr. Trudeau will pander to whoever is standing in front of him, then backpedal and weasel his way out of it somewhere down the line.

As annoying as that is, Trudeau’s flip-flopping on the gun registry issue isn’t nearly as telling about Liberal Party policy as are the actions of Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette:

I developed Bill S-231 around the idea that all firearms should be prohibited except those used in sport shooting, in a controlled environment such as shooting clubs, as well as hunting firearms and those that are collectors’ items.

Senator Hervieux-Payette is very clear on Liberal policy toward guns and gun owners and spelled out that policy in her Senate Bill S-231, disingenuously titled the “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and recreational Shooting Act” through which she and the Liberal Party of Canada hope to accomplish the following:

  • Prohibit all firearms in Canada except hunting firearms;
  • limit the definition of hunting firearms to the arms that are “really used” for the purposes of hunting;
  • limit the transport of circumscribed firearms to transporters, thus controlling the movement of firearms in Canada; and
  • undo all the provisions of Bill C-42, except for the prohibition on obtaining a licence to possess and acquire firearms following a domestic violence conviction;
  • stop licensed firearm owners from keeping their hunting rifles in their own homes.

It would appear to us that Senator Hervieux-Payette, and by extension Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, do not believe ordinary Canadians can be trusted with firearms. 

Like Justin Trudeau, Senator Hervieux-Payette insists upon lying about Bill C-42 with comments like: 

[t]he day after the Moncton killings that left three RCMP officers dead and another two injured, Canada, under Stephen Harper, granted additional privileges to owners of restricted firearms under Bill C-42, including repealing authorizations to transport.”

Yet Bill C-42 did no such thing. Authorizations to Transport still exist. A person must still abide by all parts of the Transportation Regulations. Bill C-42 simply removed the useless and expensive paper bureaucracy that went with ATTs. If a person is deemed safe enough to possess firearms, they surely must be safe enough to transport them to and from the shooting range.

Liberals clearly don’t believe that’s true, and clearly the Liberal leopard has not changed its spots. Trudeau’s party still doesn’t believe Canadians can be trusted with firearms, and that says far more about the Liberal Party than it does about Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners.

Gun owners need to remember Justin Trudeau’s mantra on election day:

I voted to keep the firearms registry a few months ago and if we had a vote tomorrow I would vote once again to keep the long-gun registry.” 

“Allan Rock said he came to Ottawa with the belief that only the police and military should have firearms. I believe that firearms ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities.” – The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety



OTTAWA – Sergeant Tatyana Danylyshyn, from The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s), in Victoria, B.C., earned the top shot honour at the annual Bisley shooting competition held in Bisley, United Kingdom, from June 21 to July 1, 2015.

Sgt. Danylyshyn competed in two of the three weapons categories: service rifle and service pistol. Her top shot placing was in the service rifle category of the Army Reserve Operational Shooting Concentration. This was her third time competing in the Bisley shooting competition held at the Primary Training Centre Pirbright in Bisley. She placed second in both her previous appearances. Sgt. Danylyshyn was one of 20 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, 10 Regular and 10 Reserve Force, who participated in the competition.

Participating in shooting concentrations gives Canadian soldiers the opportunity to train and test their combat readiness. This training platform also allows CAF members to share knowledge and best practices of small arms training with other participating nations.

Quick Facts – 

Sgt. Tatyana Danylyshyn joined the Reserve Force in 2002 as an Infantry soldier. This event was her third international competition this year. She will also represent 3rd Canadian Division at the Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration (CAFSAC) at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa this September.

The Canadians competed against more than 700 military shooters from around the world. The Canadian contingent was extremely successful, placing in the top three of nearly all matches entered.

The Canadian Armed Forces Combat Shooting Team to Bisley is selected from the winning scores at the CAFSAC held the previous year at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa.

Quotes – 

“Sergeant Tatyana Danylyshyn demonstrates qualities that are at the core of our Canadian Armed Forces: excellent skill, leadership, teamwork and determination. These are the skills which ensure the Canadian Armed Forces are ready to handle any combat situation. I commend Sergeant Danylyshyn for her impressive achievement at the Bisley shooting competition.”

The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of National Defence – 

“Opportunities such as the Bisley shooting competition allow our soldiers to hone their skills and deliver operational effectiveness. I am very proud of Sergeant Tatyana Danylyshyn’s exceptional performance and I applaud her for being a role model for her peers and the international community.”

Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, Commander Canadian Army – 

“It was an honour to be selected to represent Canada at such a prestigious event, and a real privilege to be able to shoot with and against some of the best shooters from various nations in the world. I am grateful for the skills learned and honed through the Canadian Army.”

Sergeant Tatyana Danylyshyn, The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)

See the news release: 

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  • August 22
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Room is still available and the only requirement is that anyone attending be a CSSA member. Book your space now as class size is limited to 20 students! To RSVP, please phone Monday to Friday at (416) 679-9959. 


On August 13, PEW Research Center released a new poll which shows the majority of Americans are convinced gun ownership protects them from crime.

PEW asked whether gun ownership protects people from crime or “risks safety,” and “54 percent” said owning a gun protects a person from crime. Only “40 percent” said owning a gun “risks safety.”

That “54 percent” of Americans believe gun ownership protects them from crime is very telling, as that figure was down to “48 percent” in December 2012–the month of the heinous Sandy Hook Elementary attack. Since that time, gun control proponents like Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly, Michael Bloomberg, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), and President Obama have been relentless in their push for new gun laws. Groups like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America have run campaign after campaign to try to convince Americans that just owning a gun puts them at risk of danger.

Yet the number of Americans who believe guns actually serve to keep them safe rose 6 percent between December 2012 and July 2015. Taking the pro-gun position from a near majority of “48 percent” to a clear majority of “54 percent.”

The PEW Poll also asked questions about specific gun control policies, and it is interesting to note that the Democrats stand out as the political party most supportive of gun control–“85 percent” of them support a national gun registry–while post-graduates are the education demographic most likely to say gun ownership is a safety risk rather than increased protection against crime. That those who went to college the longest hold this view gives us some insight into what professors must be teaching in classrooms and lecture halls around the country.

See the story: 

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JOHN LOTT, JR: WHY HAMILTON MAYOR’S PROPOSED GUN BAN WON’T WORK (By Brian Lilley | Rebel Media | June 3, 2015)

Author and economist John Lott, Jr.’s extensive research shows that gun bans don’t work. In many cases, the crime rate goes up after the ban comes into effect.

He explains why, and talks specifically about the proposed gun ban being touted by the mayor of Hamilton, Ontario.

PS: Did you know Pierre Trudeau applied for a “concealed carry” permit after he left office? Lott has the story.

See more: 


While sleeping beside a glacier-filled Lake, Keith and the crew climb thousands of feet in elevation each day to chase mountain caribou on top of the world. With breathtaking views and amazing wildlife encounters, Keith hunts hard for an elusive big bull in one of the most remote locations on the planet. 

See the teaser:

Canada in the Rough can be found on OLN, WILD TV, and CHEX. For a full schedule, visit:

WE INTERVIEW CANADIAN GUN LEGISLATION PIONEER (By Marcus O’Dean | Sporting Shooter Magazine | August 11, 2015)

Sporting Shooter asks Garry Breitkreuz about winding back anti-gun zealots’ grip on Canadian law. was approached by advocacy group the Shooters Union of Queensland, kindly offering us the opportunity to interview groundbreaking Canadian parliamentary legal pro-gun ownership MP, Garry Breitkreuz. Interviewer – Marcus O’Dean.


Conservative Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville, Saskatchewan, Garry has been a tireless reformer of restrictive firearms legislation in his native Canada. In an astoundingly successful political career, Garry spent 17 years researching and eventually implementing successful legislation to have the wasteful and ineffectual Canadian Long-gun Registry dismantled, against fevered opposition from liberal politicians keen on disarming and restricting the lawful activities of Canadian licensed firearm owners. had the opportunity to ask Garry some pertinent questions and here are his answers.

GARRY’S QUOTE: “I never dreamed before I was elected that gun control would be a major issue that I’d follow. Despite being told many times to give it up and that I was wasting my time, I always did what I felt was right with the support of many others around me.”

Garry, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to ask you some questions. Welcome to Australia. Many of us consider Canadians to be very like us in outlook and makeup, so your opinions and experiences will be most welcome.

1. Can you tell us why you are such a passionate advocate for lawful firearm owners?

ANSWER: Mostly, because my constituents asked me to take their message to Ottawa. Once I started advocating for them in the House of Commons other gun owners and the media noticed what I was doing and it all took off from there. Really, I was just doing my job as a M.P. representing my constituents in Parliament.

2. “Licensing fit and proper gun owners is an exercise in trust by fellow citizens and subsequent registering of longarms is an exercise in mistrust and subjugation by government.” Can you talk about that statement and do you consider it valid?

ANSWER: I don’t consider it valid because all the scientific evidence amassed to date demonstrates law-abiding gun owners have never been any serious threat to public safety or police safety. Those intent on committing violent crimes and the mentally ill are usually easy to spot. Laying a piece of paper beside a gun (license or registration) doesn’t stop crime and it doesn’t help identify those who have criminal or evil intent. In fact, in Canada, gun owners are three times less likely than the general public to commit a murder. In Canada, the old Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC) was equally as effective as our current licensing regime and cost taxpayers far less ($15.5 million a year in 1994 compared to $56 million a year now). The FAC system required any law-abiding person wanting to buy firearms to go through a local background check by local police, a national criminal record check and pass a firearms safety test. I fully support the government’s right to license the use of our property including the use of firearms for hunting, sport shooting and self-defence. Owning property and using our property are two completely different things. Taxpayers’ dollars would be much better spent trying to address the real causes of crime. A violent offenders registry would be far more effective than a gun registry. A violent offender registry would be far more cost-effective than a gun registry.

3. How did anti-gunners take hold of the legislative process in Canada, who are they and why did it take so long to defeat them, especially when you see Canada’s fine frontier heritage?

ANSWER: The anti-gunners only took hold of the legislative process, because the elected governments from 1976 to 2006 only really listened to the anti-gunners. The federal bureaucracy was stuffed with anti-gun activists that were hired during the massive increase in government during Pierre Trudeau’s years in power (1968-1984). Pro-firearms organizations were marginalized by their political representatives and abetted by the main stream media. Starting in 1994, the Reform Party started listening to and working with the firearms community. Law-abiding firearms owners were partly responsible for our party’s electoral success in 2006. A former Justice Minister told me recently that they lost about 60 seats in Parliament over the firearms issue.

When our Conservative Government was elected in 2006, the Minister of Public Safety took steps to ensure that his Firearms Advisory Committee included firearms experts and police members and no anti-gun activists. Evidence-based firearms policy replaced anti-gun emotional rhetoric and this is a most important point.

4. If you had to name one single most effective measure that you or your constituents took to publicly overcome widespread anti-gun prejudice in Canada, what would that be?

ANSWER: Mobilize gun owners, encourage them to get directly involved in the political process and find a political party to represent their views in both levels of government and in both Houses. Gun groups must also work together and put aside competing agendas by focussing on what is politically possible.

5. How did non-compliance or civil disobedience figure with regard to normally-lawful Canadian gun owners in the restrictive period and did gun crime go up as a result?

ANSWER: In 1995, when the Liberal (left wing) Government (not the same ideological bent as Australian Liberals) passed Bill C-68 implementing the licensing regime and the long-gun registry, there were at least three million law-abiding gun owners in Canada. Only two million gun owners ever bought a firearms license. Between 7 and 8 million rifles and shotguns were registered while estimates of total the number of long-guns in Canada ranged between 18 and 21 million. Violent crime didn’t go up it continued going down as it had been doing for at least a decade, albeit more slowly.

6. What advice would you give to Australia’s law-abiding gun owning individuals and groups in their efforts to return our gun legislation to normality.

ANSWER: Build a political base based on fighting for every person’s fundamental rights and freedoms. And, if it’s not already happening, I would also suggest you encourage think tanks to publish peer-reviewed research papers with solid factual analyses of guns and crime. Both these actions will help educate state and federal bureaucrats and journalists.

Also, gun owners should belong to organizations that represent their views and encourage these organizations to work together with one voice to their political representatives. gun owners should get involved at the grassroots level in a political party that is willing to advance legislation that best represents those views. Put apathy aside and work in the political arena even if at first you are not comfortable with it.

GARRY’S FINAL COMMENT: “Politicians like the idea of gun control because it creates the impression they are doing something to improve public safety in the minds of those who don’t explore issues in depth.”

Garry, thank you very much for your time and for taking the trouble to support Australian gun owners in their efforts.

See the story: 


A VISITING Canadian MP has branded Jo-Ann Miller rude for snubbing his request for a meeting, in the latest controversy to engulf the Police Minister. (By Jason Tin | The Courier-Mail | August 16, 2015)

Conservative Canadian MP Garry Breitkreuz says it’s “regrettable” the Police Minister won’t meet with him, despite her Opposition and federal counterparts doing so.

He has also taken issue with the fact his request for a meeting has been met with silence, which he says would be considered impolite in Canada.

Mr Breitkreuz is known in Canada as an outspoken and at times controversial member of the parliament, as well as for his fierce opposition to the nation’s “long gun” registry, which was dismantled in 2012, meaning non-restricted firearms no longer had to be registered.

He is visiting Australia to discuss the issue of gun registration, firearm legislation and police resourcing.

But Mr Breitkreuz says he is yet to hear from Ms Miller, with who he has requested a meeting via the Shooters Union.

“I don’t know what the custom is in Australia, but in Canada that would have been regarded as impolite,” he told The Courier-Mail.

Mr Breitkreuz has so far met with federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan and state Opposition police spokesman Jarrod Bleijie, among others.

The Shooters Union says an invitation was sent in July to Ms Miller’s office, but no reply was received.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath’s office also received an invitation and responded on July 17, saying it would be better directed to Ms Miller and that a copy of the email had been forwarded to the Police Minister’s staff for “her consideration and necessary reply”.

A spokesman for Ms Miller said: “The Minister has not seen the meeting request but if she had, she would have declined it.” 

HOWLER: Staff in the doghouse 

RAP SHEET: Miller’s growing record

In 2012, Mr Breitkreuz was reportedly accused of telling high school students that women who carried guns were less likely to become victims of sexual assault, though he denied making the comments.

Mr Breitkreuz, whose Queensland meetings have been arranged via the Shooters Union, said he didn’t want to be “too critical”, but he was disappointed he wasn’t able to secure a brief chat with Ms Miller.

“I think it’s regrettable that they didn’t take a little time,” he said.

Mr Breitkreuz was due to depart Australia today.

See the story: 


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