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The High Cost of Justin Trudeau’s Virtue Signalling on Public Safety

Human beings must feel safe physically and emotionally before we can meet our higher needs of love, community and belonging.

Effective politicians know this and use it to further their agendas – even when those agendas have nothing to do with their stated aims.

For example, Public Safety is the bell Justin Trudeau rings to sell “gun control” to an uninformed public.

Trudeau proclaims that confiscating firearms from licensed gun owners will “keep Canadians safe” from drug dealers, gangs and other violent criminals.

It’s an effective psychological misdirect that resonates deeply with the fears of uninformed Canadians and earns Trudeau votes.

Collectively, we’re terrified by the violence that headlines news reports almost daily.

We want to feel safe so badly we’re willing to believe anything, no matter how absurd, to maintain that false narrative in our minds.

The evidence of Justin Trudeau’s failure to protect us is all around us.

On December 5, 2021, Toronto Police announced that Syed Mohammed Ali Zaidi, along with Michael Simpson, Syeda Tirmizi and Shaheen Abdul, were arrested, the result of a year-long firearms trafficking investigation begun in 2021.[i]

Police seized 62 illegal firearms, ammunition and other “proceeds of crime” from these individuals.

Syed Zaidi, a career criminal who continues to threaten the lives and safety of ordinary Canadians, is the latest high-profile evidence of Justin Trudeau’s failure.

  • In 2015, Zaidi murdered Arif Patel, for which Zaidi was sentenced to just seven and a half years in prison. Originally charged with second-degree murder, a plea deal on a lesser charge of manslaughter resulted in this short sentence.[ii]
  • In October 2021, Zaidi was arrested for a shooting inside Toronto’s Bar Karma, a crime for which he is still awaiting trial.
  • On December 5, Syed Zaidi and five others were arrested charged with 260 gun smuggling and illegal firearm possession offences. Zaidi was also charged with multiple counts of violating existing Firearms Prohibition Orders.

“So, how on earth does someone get to kill a friend in a brazen shootout in a strip mall and get just 7 1/2 years?” asked Brian Lilley. Because “Canada’s justice system isn’t really about justice, it’s about process.”[iii]

Justin Trudeau will tell you with all sincerity that criminals like Syed Zaidi are the reason his government introduced Bill C-21, the recent handgun freeze and the impending confiscation of 1,500 makes and models of so-called “assault-style weapons” from licensed Canadian firearm owners.

Trudeau, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino routinely remind us that “banning these firearms will save Canadian lives.”[iv]

Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino are lying.

Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino are making changes to sentencing laws to make it easier for violent criminals like Syed Mohammed Ali Zaidi to be released from jail.

They’re ignoring the actual threats to public safety – illegal guns smuggled into Canada by criminals like Syed Mohammed Ali Zaidi and his co-defendants.

Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino are ignoring the source of the weapons that fuel drug dealer and gang shootings across this country.

And they continue to peddle those lies every time another career criminal is arrested for crimes that are not addressed by a single word of Bill C-21, by the recent handgun freeze or the impending confiscation of 1,500 makes and models of so-called “assault-style weapons” from licensed Canadian firearm owners.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about public safety.

Justin Trudeau cares about votes, and he’ll say anything to get them.








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