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Trudeau Government Defines the Firearms They Will Ban Next

The Trudeau government’s next gun ban will target the best-selling semi-automatic rifles in Canada.

So says Member of Parliament Joël Lightbound, Parliamentary Secretary for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

In his response to ePetition e-2341, Joël Lightbound reiterated the Liberal government’s three criteria for banning and confiscating firearms from federally-licensed, RCMP-vetted firearm owners: [i]

(1) have semi-automatic action with sustain rapid-fire capability (tactical/military design with large magazine capacity);

(2) modern design;

(3) present in large volumes in the Canadian market.

What are the 10 (or 20 or 50) best-selling semi-automatic rifles in Canada? What are the 10 (or 20 or 50) best-selling semi-automatic rifles in Canada? You know? The high-capacity 5-shot ones. (before you write a letter, that was sarcasm.)

They’ll be listed on the next gun ban by Order in Council.

We know Mr. Lightbound is a new M.P. and a relatively young man (32) but he is an educated person with a law degree from McGill University, the great bastion of Quebec liberalism.

An intelligent man like Lightbound (or even a total fool) must see the gaping hole in the master plan:

What about illegal guns in the hands of gangs and violent criminals?

The Liberal government has no plan to confiscate any of those guns from the criminals who own them, yet Joël Lightbound has the audacity to claim:

Canadians deserve to live in a society where they can feel safe and secure from gun violence.”

We agree. Canadians absolutely deserve to feel safe in their homes and in their communities.

Canadians are rightfully afraid of dangerous criminals like those who violate firearm prohibition orders.[ii]

The best way to keep Canadians safe is to disarm those members of society most likely to commit violent acts, but that does not appear to be the Liberal government’s plan.

The government ignores violent offenders and their plan does not include taking illegal guns away from dangerous criminals.

Instead the Liberal government will ban and confiscate (from licenced, RCMP-vetted firearm owners only), any firearm with:

  • a “semi-automatic action”
  • that “is of modern design” and
  • is present in large volumes in the Canadian market.”

Is it any wonder Canada’s licensed gun owners get so frustrated?






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