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Trudeau’s Blind Spot – Violent Criminals with Illegal Guns

The Senate hearings on Bill C-21 – specifically the witnesses called to testify about the bill’s wondrous qualities – categorically deny the obvious.

Criminals with illegal guns are responsible for 99% of all crimes committed with firearms.

A few cases in point that our political “masters” refuse to acknowledge:

November 13th: The recent wave of gun violence and shootings in Calgary is concerning but reflective of national crime trends, says  Calgary Police Service Supt. Cory Dayley.[i]

Five shootings in the past four days – all with the “hallmarks of organized crime” – reflects trends of crime and gun violence happening across the country. Dayley said the shootings were all targeted but added it does not mean they are not a threat to public safety.

November 15th: A vehicle was stopped for a wanted driver. A search of the vehicle led to the seizure of over 870 grams of suspected fentanyl and over 95 grams of suspected cocaine with an estimated street value of $364,000.[ii]

Luc Mayville, a 51-year-old from Elliot Lake, and Monique Frank, a 55-year-old from Sudbury, were arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and multiple drug trafficking offenses.

November 15th: Four people were arrested after cannabis and two loaded handguns were seized during a Reduced Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) program check in the City of Kawartha Lakes.[iii]

Two men and two women, aged 19-24, were arrested and charged with two counts each of: possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammo; unauthorized possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm; and occupant of a motor vehicle knowing there was a prohibited device or ammunition; and one count each of unauthorized possession of weapon, possession of a firearm knowing a serial number has been tampered with.

November 16th: The Edmonton Police Service Gang Suppression Team (GST) seized a loaded illegal handgun in a traffic stop last week.[iv]

Keyon Nakeime Johnson, 27, Oshaun Andrew Cabral Brown, 20, and Hamza Mohammed Ahmed, 27,  were all charged with possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm, possession of a firearm knowing possession unauthorized and possess prohibited firearm/weapon in a vehicle. Brown and Ahmed were also charged with contravened regulation and breach condition of a release order.

“Unfortunately, this is becoming the reality of what our front-line members are dealing with on a daily basis,” says Staff Sergeant Eric Stewart of the EPS Guns and Gang Section. “There is an inherent danger to our officers during these traffic stops because of how prevalent these weapons are becoming.”

Trudeau, his government, Senators and Senate witnesses who support Bill C-21 refuse to acknowledge one fundamental fact: not one line of Bill C-21 will prevent these criminals from obtaining illegal guns.

Yet the dog and pony show continues, with the government demanding that Bill C-21 be passed before Christmas so they can announce that  “they’ve done more to stop violent crime” in Canada.

It’s a blatant lie, but one that is repeated early and often, and is believed by those who know nothing about Canada’s already strict firearms laws.

“Ignorance is bliss” but ignorance about violent crimes and the criminals who commit them leads to bad legislation becoming even worse law – all so politicians can “be seen to be doing something” to make Canada safer, rather than doing the hard work required to make our society safer.

If you still support Bill C-21, you support criminals using illegal guns just like those in this brief sampling of those who made the news this week.

There are hundreds more like them reported every month.

Trudeau and Bill C-21 ignore them all.

Please stop buying into their lies. Please tell Justin Trudeau and his government to stop peddling these lies, too.










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