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Upcoming CSSA Election at AGM 2019

Attention CSSA Members…

It is election time at the CSSA, an organization committed to democratic and transparent election processes.

Below you will find information on the candidates running in the 2019 CSSA Board of Directors election and how to vote for them. We have included several options to make voting easier for you.

Board of Directors: The CSSA’s board members serve three-year terms and approximately one-third of the board rotates annually. This process is common and ensures corporate memory and steady continuity in the CSSA’s leadership.

VOTING PROCEDURES: All CSSA members in good standing may vote in the 2019 Board of Directors’ election.

There are three ways to vote:


An E-Ballot must be electronically signed and dated by the member or the member’s representative as authorized. As well, the member’s surname, membership number and postal code must be included for security purposes.

Get your E-Ballot HERE

Paper Ballot

If you would prefer to use a paper ballot (PDF), you may request one from

By Phone

You may also vote by telephone at 1-888-873-4339. Please have your CSSA membership number handy when you call.

Please note that all ballots must be received by the CSSA office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 6, 2019.

Results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in Kelowna, B.C., on May 11, 2019.

Meet the Candidates:

Steve Torino (Quebec): Steve was Chairman of the Justice Minister’s User Advisory Group on Firearms and a founding member of the Quebec Provincial Firearms Advisory Group to the CFO. Steve has served on the Canadian Delegation to the United Nations for several Small Arms and Light Weapons Conferences. A competitive target shooter in all classes of firearms since 1970, Steve attended 25 consecutive World Amateur Trapshooting Championships, winning numerous trophies at these and other international competitions. He was a co-owner, director and president of a Montreal-area shooting range, and has also held numerous executive positions in provincial, national and international trapshooting associations, including the Amateur Trapshooting Association (USA). He is President of the Semi-Automatic Firearms Collectors of Quebec.

Steve is the current CSSA President.

Diane Town (Ontario): Diane, a Registered Practical Nurse, has been involved in the shooting sports for the last 30 years as a hunter, competitive trap shooter (ATA) and occasional rifle and pistol shooter. She was formerly the Regional Director for Southwestern Ontario. Diane is very interested in women’s issues as they relate to shooting and was instrumental in developing a Women’s Day program, which encourages women to become active in the shooting sports. Formerly Vice-President and President of the Kent Cloverleaf Conservation Club, she was the first woman to hold these positions.

Diane is the current CSSA Treasurer.

Terry Green (British Columbia): Terry has recently retired from a career which comprised of a number of occupations from owning and operating a transportation company in B.C., to holding a variety of management positions most of which involved working with, interpreting and/or challenging government regulations at the municipal, provincial and national level. Since he was old enough to carry a gun, Terry has enjoyed and been active in recreational shooting including hunting, trap, skeet, sporting clay, handgun and rifle and always has room for just one more firearm. The implementation of Bill C-17 was the spark that ignited a desire to fight for his rights as a Canadian gun owner and he has been involved in this fight ever since. He has been a member and/or on the executive of pro-gun groups ranging from small local clubs to provincial and national organizations for all of his adult life and is an experienced CSSA Director. Terry has concentrated on expanding the visibility and increasing the name recognition of the CSSA in western Canada by promoting our organization in the four western provinces. The CSSA’s growing presence in the west is the fruit of Terry’s efforts.

Garry Breitkreuz (Saskatchewan): “They can lie louder, but I can tell the truth longer.” Those famous words were spoken in the House of Commons by Garry Breitkreuz during his tenure as the Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville, Saskatchewan. For over 22 years, Mr. Breitkreuz served in Parliament as the resident expert on firearm issues and was honoured and acclaimed around the globe for his diligent work on behalf of lawful firearm owners. Respected by politicians of all stripes, Garry Breitkreuz was known by his House colleagues as a calm and reasonable man who told the truth and followed his convictions. Mr. Breitkreuz retired from the federal political scene in 2015 to spend more time with his beloved family after so many years of serving Canadians. But his passion for firearm owners and their struggle to retain their rights and respect within Canadian society is something in which he truly believes. Garry has been a member of the CSSA’s Board of Directors since his retirement from the House of Commons.

Robert Freberg (Saskatchewan): Robert Freberg has been a shooter most of his life. Over 30 years ago, he became the president of the Saskatoon Handgun Club and has been a board member ever since. In 1980, he took on the primary responsibility to design and construct a silhouette range at a new location, and it was finally completed in 1983 and hosted the Canadian Championships in 1985. In 2013, he became the President of the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation and worked alongside his fellow directors and members to relocate the outdoor range facilities to a new area. Robert Freberg is a familiar face to local media and is recognized as a driving force in Saskatchewan. Bob is also an RCMP licensed gunsmith for non-restricted, restricted and prohibited firearms and holds a RCMP PAL and RPAL instructor designation.

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