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Who is the Greatest Threat to You and Your Family?

Some would argue “governments – federal, provincial and municipal” but we have two different groups in mind today.

Who is the greatest threat to you and your family, a gang of armed home invaders or licensed firearms owners?

If you’re not a politician but a defenseless family sleeping in Barrie, Ontario, at 2:20am on January 8th, the answer is (or should be) obvious: armed home invaders.[i]

The terrifying security camera video shows four young masked men attempting to break into a home. One waves a shotgun, another a handgun.

Both firearms – to be legally owned – must be in the hands of a person who passed an RCMP background check, written and physical safety tests, and the handgun requires an Authorization to Transport for most purposes.

Possession and unauthorized transport of these firearms are punishable by five years in prison.


The current Canadian government is not concerned about these criminals with deadly intent. Or your safety or the safety of your family.

Neither Justin Trudeau nor the Liberal government he leads is concerned about “public safety.”

If he was, he would focus his energy and resources on the source of the problem: armed violent criminals like the four shown in this security cam video.

Instead, Justin Trudeau works, day in and day out, to remove firearms from those who – statistically – are the most peaceful and law-abiding segment of Canadian society: licensed firearm owners.

Justin Trudeau lies about legislation like the recently passed Bill C-21, claiming it’s about keeping Canadians safe, when every line of that bill is focused – not on criminals like these gun-wielding masked men in Barrie, Ontario – but on ordinary people who pass every requirement to lawfully possess their firearms and safely store them according to government regulations.

It is only by the grace of God that nobody was killed at this Barrie home.

The four individuals are so hyped and agitated that, should they encounter someone, bad things would surely result.

That result is courtesy of a federal government that insists families like yours must be defenseless in the face of such a terrifying threat.

It shouldn’t be this way.

In California, thanks to a founding document that protects individual rights (unlike the Charter and its weasel words), U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney blocked the law that banned carrying firearms in most public places, ruling that it violates the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and therefore deprives people of their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.[ii]

Self-defence is an inalienable human right.

In Canada, the government wants you terrified and defenseless in the face of armed home invaders.

In California, while Governor Gavin Newsom would love Californians to be as terrified and defenseless as Canadians, a federal court judge said the one word every politician hates most.


If only common sense like that existed north of the 49th parallel…






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