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Why the Liberal Government Rush for New Firearm Deactivators?

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You’ve probably heard the Liberal Government is asking firearm businesses to join the Canadian Firearms Program’s ‘Interim Firearms Deactivation Program’.

What you probably haven’t heard is why.

CSSA has learned from two reliable sources that Public Safety Minister Bill Blair will soon announce the only way you can keep firearms that were prohibited by his May 1, 2020, Order in Council is if they are deactivated first OR if a monitored alarm system is installed. Because of this, the Feds anticipate large amounts of deactivations to occur.

The government has neither confirmed nor denied this deactivation condition for keeping newly-Prohibited firearms instead of accepting Firearms Confiscation Compensation.

However, the fact we heard this from trusted sources, combined with the Liberal government’s massive push to bring new deactivators on line immediately means it is probably true.

Further to this, under the Criminal Code, if the alarm is sent to police, they may enter the home without a warrant to determine the cause of the alarm.


Was this always the Liberal government’s plan?

Or did they cave in to pressure from special interest groups who know nothing about firearms but insist all firearms must be banned anyway?

On March 13th, CSAAA sent an urgent notice to all its business members strongly urging them to stay away from this program.

“By enrolling in this program, you could be identified and promoted as a business where firearms owners can bring their now prohibited firearms for deactivation or in the future as a drop-off location for those wishing to participate in the buy-back program,” wrote CSAAA Managing Director Alison de Groot. 

According to CSAAA, there are only 78 firearm businesses in the entire country licensed to deactivate restricted and prohibited firearms, so clearly the demand for this service is light.


Does the Liberal government really believe that firearm retailers will rush to participate?

Does the Liberal government really believe firearm dealers who have faithfully served our community for generations will now turn Judas for a measly 30 pieces of Liberal silver?

These are people who have spent their days serving and interacting with Canada’s lawful firearms community.

Are the Liberals so stupid as to believe our own people can be bought off so cheaply or is this simply a demonstration of how little value the Liberals place on loyalty and integrity?

Think Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Will they ever stop judging the world by their despicable standards?

We hope so, because it’s long past time they saw licensed Canadian firearm owners and businesses for who they really are – men and women of honesty and integrity who refuse to toss each other under the bus for the nearest passing dollar.


PS: The Ever-Changing Goalposts

The ‘approved method’ for deactivating firearms has changed numerous times over the past three decades. The problem is not so much that the rules keep changing.

The problem is that if you possess a firearm deactivated under any previous set of regulations, that firearm may not be considered deactivated by the current deactivation regulations.

According to CSSA General Counsel, Edward Burlew LL.B., this leaves you, the owner of what you think is a deactivated firearm, open to criminal charges for illegal possession of a Prohibited weapon.

This is not opinion or speculation. This is a fact based on the experience of many firearm owners who discovered themselves facing charges in this precise situation.

Are you willing to entrust your future and your liberty to another Liberal lie?

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