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Will Trudeau Pervert the Emergencies Act Against Gun Owners Next?

The Trudeau government continues to run slick television ads proclaiming they are “banning assault weapons” to “keep Canadians safe”.

This propaganda is designed to make Canadians believe two things. 

First, that “gun crime” is out of control and rising in Canada and second, that the only thing standing in the way of ordinary citizens being murdered in their sleep is the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

What Trudeau’s Liberal government never tells anyone is that all the so-called “assault rifles” are in the same place they were the day Trudeau proclaimed them “banned” – in the gun safes of legal gun owners. And they’ve remained there for almost two years – just as they did before Trudeau’s grandstanding proclamation.

Justin Trudeau’s government will also not tell you that, in the Greater Toronto Area, most of the illegal handguns used in the GTA’s ongoing drug turf war are smuggled in from the United States.

Justin Trudeau’s vindictive imposition of the Emergencies Act against the trucker protests opposing his government’s vaccine mandates – including the seizure of bank accounts – leaves many gun owners wondering if we might be the next target.

Will Trudeau use the Emergencies Act to re-declare all these legally-owned firearms as a “threat” to all Canadians?

He could, but that doesn’t change two fundamental facts that nobody in government wants to admit.

They still have no means of collecting these “banned” firearms. They don’t have any idea where many of them are because many of those firearms prohibited under Trudeau’s May 1, 2020 gun ban were Non-Restricted rifles not subjected to intrusive government tracking.

Without going door-to-door to every address ever attached to a Possession and Acquisition Licence, there is no possible way to collect all these firearms.  And the government doesn’t have the “person-power” to go door-to-door to every gun owner’s home in Canada.

The objective of the government’s ongoing propaganda campaign may be unclear, but what’s crystal clear is this government is very big on grand pronouncements on banning guns and very small on follow-through. 

April 30th – the deadline for surrendering these “banned” firearms – is fast approaching, yet there are still no details regarding how it will be done, no play for paying Firearm Confiscation Compensation to gun owners. Nor is there a plan for collecting the guns outside of the registration system.

So, will Trudeau make another grand pronouncement to seize guns using the Emergencies Act? 

Possibly so.

What’s far more likely is the April 30th deadline will be quietly kicked down the road so Trudeau and his gun-ban sycophants can figure out what to do next.

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