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York Regional Police: 100% of Traced Guns Smuggled from United States

York Regional Police kicked the legs out from under Justin Trudeau’s “handgun freeze” when they presented their report – Guns, Gangs and Violence – to the Police Services Board on November 7th.[i]

“Out of 107 firearms that you see, 83 of them were successfully traced. Of those 83 guns that were traced, 100 per cent of them were identified as illicit firearms coming in from the United States and into Canada,” said Inspector Ahmad Salhia.[ii]

One hundred percent of the handguns traced were smuggled into Canada illegally from the United States.

This proves, as we already knew, that Bill C-21 and Trudeau’s much-touted “handgun freeze” are nothing more than virtue signals so he can pander to uninformed urban voters.

“More regulations on law-abiding citizens is profoundly stupid,” said Leo Knight, a former police officer.  “It is done by incompetent governments faced with a problem who want to be seen to be doing something but aren’t smart enough to actually figure out what to do.”

Mr. Knight almost nailed it. This Liberal government is thoroughly incompetent and their approach, adding more restrictions on law-abiding citizens, is profoundly stupid.

But it’s also intentional.

The issue is not lack of intelligence or an inability to comprehend facts, but of placing partisan political objectives ahead of public safety.

Pandering for votes is what drives Justin Trudeau and every policy initiative he puts forth. Public safety, if it’s even a consideration beyond his political calculations, comes a distant second.

“Tackling criminal activity requires strong measures against criminals who threaten vulnerable communities, especially criminal activity that funds and empowers gangs and organized crime,” said Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation.

If Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government truly wanted to enhance public safety, he would focus on keeping young people from entering gang life through diversion programs and plugging massive holes in Canada’s border security.

Instead, he continues his attacks on licensed firearm owners.

The York Regional Police report also identified the possible point of entry for those illegal weapons: Walpole Island, a First Nation community on the St. Clair River, right across from Port Huron, Michigan.[iii]

“At its narrowest point there’s an 800-metre gap and as you can see, it’s very easy for organized crime and other criminals to import illicit contraband into the country,” Insp. Salhia said.

This is just one of many well-known issues with border security.

“According to the union’s own data, as of 2019, only one one-millionth of all rail cargo was effectively being examined. The reality is that our current operational abilities in the rail field are virtually non-existent,” said Mark Weber, National President, Customs and Immigration Union.

Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino know precisely where the problems are, but they know there are no votes to be found in doing the right thing.

Votes are found by pandering to the most uninformed voters who want to see their government “do something” – even if it’s the wrong thing.







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