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2024 Ammo Shortage and Substantial Price Increases Coming

On June 29th, we ended our commentary with these words:[i]

Confiscating firearms from the most peaceful segment of Canadian society remains this Liberal government’s highest priority.


What are they planning to do that requires ordinary, decent Canadians be disarmed first?

Buy ammunition, folks.

Today, we’re encouraging you to buy ammunition while you still can, but for a different reason. 

Yes, the Trudeau government is still every gun owner’s greatest enemy, but they’re not our only enemy.

The ongoing wars in Ukraine and Israel, combined with two recent ammunition factory catastrophes (Illinois[ii], Nebraska[iii]), mean ammunition is scarcer than ever as we head into 2024.

This won’t change in the foreseeable future and, as a result, big price hikes are coming as well, as outlined in a letter from Vista Outdoors to its customers.

“As a valued customer, we are writing to inform you of Vista Outdoors’ substantial price increases that will take effect for all orders placed after January 1, 2024. The upcoming price increase is the result of an ongoing, global shortage of gunpowder. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate the challenging market conditions.”[iv]

  • Shotshell, Rifle, and WMR/HMR Ammunition 1-7% increase
  • Handgun and 22LR/Short Ammunition 1-5% increase
  • Primers 5% increase
  • Alliant Powder 10% increase

Throughout the COVID era, ammunition stockpiling in America and, to a smaller extent in Canada, also helped fuel the scarcity.  Losing two ammunition factories and the high demand created by two major conflicts and numerous smaller ones around the world only exacerbate the issue.

If you can find ammunition, buy it.

If you can find power, primers, and bullets, buy them too.

All of these items are made of Unobtanium, and that does not appear to be a problem that will resolve itself in this coming year.


Bill C-21

Bill C-21 isn’t the end of the legislative assault on Canada’s safest demographic, it’s just the most recent one. The moment it passes, the Liberals will begin their next assault on our community.

This is not conjecture. This is a fact.

Whenever Justin Trudeau or members of his government get in trouble, he launches an attack on us.

This pattern will continue in 2024, as Trudeau and his lackeys attempt to cover up the latest scandal.

And we can always count on the lawless and Trudeau’s penchant for ignoring the violent crime they spawn as the “rationale” for ramming through more attacks on us, our community and our culture of safety.

Same as it ever was…








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