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Repeal C-68 . . . IN FULL

By Brad Trost, Conservative Leadership Candidate, January 26, 2017

Thirty years of ineffective Liberal firearms legislation have proven that law-abiding gun owners aren’t responsible for violent crime. They never have been. What a waste of billions of your tax dollars! It also proves the point Reform Party Members of Parliament warned everyone about in 1994 and 1995.

As Leader of the federal Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition, I will PUSH for the following and as Prime Minister, in my first mandate I will:

  1. Repeal Bill C-68, returning Canada to the effective gun control regime that existed in 1994;
  2. Convert all existing Possession and Acquisition Licenses to the more effective Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC);
  3. Empower valid FACs to provide the holders with a comprehensive Canada-Wide Authorization to Transport;
  4. Create a Prohibited List of those persons too dangerous to own firearms requiring mandatory reporting of change of addresses for those on the list who have been convicted of violent crimes;
  5. Relax Authorization to Carry Procedures so off-duty police officers can carry firearms;
  6. Allow licensed gun owners of prohibited firearms to take them to once again federally approved firearms ranges; and
  7. Make the destruction of all seized firearms optional for municipalities and police services so seized firearms can be auctioned to holders of valid FACs and authorized firearms dealers.

If – like me – you believe that law-abiding, responsible firearms owners deserve to be treated with respect and fairness, I need your help.

Take action now by making a tax-deductible contribution to my campaign. Your support will help me continue to fight for effective firearms policies that target and punish criminals, not law-abiding and responsible gun owners and users.

You can also help by voting for me in the upcoming Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Election. To be eligible to vote, please register (or extend your existing registration) using the button on the right. Other members of your family 14 years of age or older who live with you can also vote for me, so don’t forget to register them too!.

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