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Bill Blair Admits His Failure at Preventing Extremists from Legally Obtaining Firearms

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“I tell you… not every person who’s in the gun lobby is an extremist, but everybody who’s extremist is in the gun lobby,” Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said during a Liberal Party panel event. ( at 21:00 minutes in)

In the full light of the camera’s gaze, Blair admitted that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government knowingly and routinely grant extremists firearm licenses so those individuals can legally purchase firearms. A blatant admission that Canada’s firearms control program – conceived by Liberals, designed by Liberals, executed by Liberals and run by Liberals – is a total catastrophe.

And he has done absolutely nothing to fix it.

While it was refreshing (and rare) to finally hear the Minister speak the truth – that his government knowingly issues firearm licenses to extremists – it was disturbing to hear him use his total and abject failure as Public Safety Minister to try and denigrate the reputations of 2.2 million honest, hard-working Canadians.

We always knew there were several hate-filled extremist groups such as Antifa within the Liberal Party of Canada, but we never expected this Liberal government would allow those dangerous left-wing socialist radicals to legally possess firearms.

The burning question before us is this.

Why would Bill Blair and this Liberal government allow extremists to infiltrate the most law-abiding group of citizens in Canada?

Is it because the Liberal designed firearm owner licensing system is so horrendously flawed that the RCMP cannot prevent known extremists from being granted Possession and Acquisition Licenses (PAL).

Is a CSIS check included in the standard RCMP background check performed on all PAL applicants and renewals?

If not, maybe we could get one of those brave journalists who isn’t on the Liberal payroll – oops, we mean subsidies – to actually ask some tough questions and find out?

CSIS knows who the extremists are in Canada. That’s their job. They know their stuff.

Canadians expect that, for an issue as important as firearm ownership in Canada, the government-mandated background check would, at a minimum, ascertain whether or not a PAL applicant is a known extremist as defined by CSIS (and not some self-serving, agenda-driven Liberal vote whore).

Clearly the Liberal government cannot be trusted to keep guns out of the hands of “ideologically motivated, violent extremists who are using online platforms to propagate and advocate for hatred and violence against women, against religious minorities, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic and hateful speech and advocating violence.” 

Bill Blair’s words, not ours.

If the goal, as the Minister of Moronic Silliness claims, is to prevent extremists from legally obtaining firearms then maybe it’s time the government invested in a computer system and background check that actually ensures these extremist individuals are not granted PALs.

Perhaps Minister Blair is afraid CSIS might confirm that yes, these extremists are members of the Liberal Party of Canada?

Perhaps the Honourable Minister is simply full of bovine excrement?

At a minimum, Minister Blair’s admission of failure illustrates that Canadians must exercise more discretion when they cast their ballots in federal elections.


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