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Alberta Shifts to Provincially-Appointed Chief Firearms Officer

On November 9, 2020, the Government of Alberta announced its intention to appoint a Chief Firearms Officer accountable to Albertans,[i] making them the latest province to dump their federally-appointed Chief Firearms Officer.

In July, the government of Saskatchewan announced Robert Freberg, lifelong volunteer and board member of the Saskatoon Wildlife Association, as their provincially-appointed CFO.

“The Government of Alberta is committed to protecting public safety and ensuring law-abiding firearms owners are respected,” said Kaycee Madu, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

“Recent legislation announced by the federal government would punish hard-working farmers, hunters and other lawful gun owners, while failing to address the true problem: the flow of illegal firearms throughout Canada from south of the border.”

The move to a provincially-appointed CFO in Saskatchewan and Alberta was sparked by the Trudeau government’s 2019 election commitment to confiscate firearms from licensed gun owners but not from violent criminals, drug dealers and gangs.

This wrongheaded commitment resulted in the Trudeau government’s May 1st gun ban by Order in Council which outlawed over 1,500 makes and models of legally-owned firearms from licensed gun owners – but left those who wreak such havoc on our communities untouched.

Criminals, drug dealers and gangs continue to plague cities and towns across Canada with violence driven by their illegal trade – and issue the federal government is reluctant to address, despite Bill Blair’s announcement of $327 million in funding he’s repeated so often he sounds like Chicken Little shouting “The sky is falling!”


Albertans – Have Your Say!

“Have your say on firearms policy,” the Alberta Government press release says.[ii]

Albertans are encouraged to share their opinions through an online survey and through two telephone town hall events being held on Nov. 17 and 23.”

“Albertans must be heard, and these consultations will help Alberta’s government develop a responsible firearms-use policy that deters criminals without attacking law-abiding gun owners – and in turn free up the courts for serious matters.”

If you live in Alberta, the CSSA encourages you to take the survey and participate in the upcoming Town Hall meetings.

The survey and Town Hall meeting registration are available here:





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