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Bill C-21: Write Your Senators!

Bill C-21 is still under consideration at the Standing Committee of Public Safety and National Security (SECU), but with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP backing every Liberal government bill, Bill C-21 will soon be making its way to the Senate.[i]

When it does, the responsibility to fix this terrible legislation will be in the hands of our Senators.[ii]

  • The Senate has the power to change and/or delay Bill C-21.
  • The Senate has the power to investigate and publicize the bad parts of Bill C-21 – and there are many. This is where the Senate and/or individual senators can generate a lot of negative press for Bill C-21, which can help turn public opinion against the draft legislation.
  • In the gravest extreme, the Senate has the power to kill Bill C-21.

With these thoughts in mind, write your senator(s) and ask them to correct the many flaws in Bill C-21.

To assist you in writing to your senators, we have created a template letter for you to download and modify so it’s in your own words.

We recommend you do this, as your letter will have far greater effect than if you simply sign and send the template letter as-is.

Also send a copy of your letter(s) to Senator Don Plett, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, at.

Senator Donald Plett
Senate of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4

Together, we can make a difference.








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