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3 Reasons Why You Need GunGuard Insurance Today

GunGuard Firearm Insurance against fire, loss and theft

On June 29th we announced GunGuard – a standalone firearm insurance product that insures your firearms against loss, theft and fire.

It’s an insurance product we fought eight long years to bring to life in Canada, and we’re proud to finally bring this CSSA-exclusive product to our members.

This is ground-breaking for at least three reasons.

First, you don’t have to supply them with a list of your guns to be insured.  We fought for a long time to get rid of the Long Gun Registry so there was no way we could endorse a product that recreated a registry at the insurance level.

Second, for just $60 per year you get $25,000 of coverage. If that’s not enough, you can double your coverage to $50,000 for just $30 more.

Third, we get no commissions, kickbacks or other payments for promoting this product. You get what you paid for and only what you paid for – a solid insurance product for Canadian firearm owners.

GunGuard is the only insurance product of its kind in Canada. If you’re concerned about your home insurance policy not covering you, we encourage you to buy your GunGuard policy today.

And now for three good reasons why you need your firearms-only insurance coverage today.

One. Wildfires are destroying homes across Canada. Lytton, BC, for example, was burned to the ground on June 30th, and everyone who lived there lost everything. Had GunGuard firearm insurance been available, those firearm owners would be covered, just as you are covered against fire damage when you purchase your GunGuard policy today.

Two. Career criminals don’t care how may times they’re caught violating their Firearms Prohibition Orders so long as they can steal your guns to commit their crimes.

The latest example happened on July 29th, when drug dealer and career criminal Alain Gamache was charged for violating his Firearms Prohibition Order for the third time since December 2020.

Police are still trying to locate Alain Gamache because he fled his vehicle when police attempted to apprehend him. His hasty escape meant he was forced to abandon a cache of illegal drugs and illegal guns, so he’s probably on the lookout for more firearms to steal.

Three. We know of Canadian insurance companies who will not insure your home if they learn you own firearms. Other insurance companies severely limit your coverage and others demand a list of all your guns before they will insure you at all.

With GunGuard firearm insurance you mitigate the first two points and avoid the last point entirely. No list of your firearms is required to obtain this insurance.

We encourage you to check out GunGuard today.

Like Firearms Legal Defense Insurance, GunGuard insurance is cheap peace of mind.

We believe every firearm owner in Canada should own both policies because one protects you from overzealous police and the other protects you against overzealous criminals and circumstances none of us can control.


To learn more about this CSSA exclusive product and order your policy today, click the button below.

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