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Trudeau’s Vanity Election Wastes $610 Million to Change Nothing

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasted an estimated $610 million on an election about his ego and nothing else, only to return a Parliament that is almost identical to the one he dissolved just six weeks ago.

In this election about nothing, we congratulate Erin O’Toole for holding the line against Justin Trudeau’s vicious attacks against Canada’s lawful firearms community.

We’re also thrilled to see three new Conservative MPs in the House of Commons:

  • Former Conservative Leadership contender Leslyn Lewis, who handily won her riding of Haldimand-Norfolk;
  • Television personality and talented political newcomer Michelle Ferreri, who beat the Taliban-loving Maryam Monsef in Peterborough-Kawartha; and
  • Melissa Lantsman, Thornhill’s new Member of Parliament, is a beacon of hope in an angry sea of GTA Liberal red.

We’re grateful to the constituents for returning the many long-time and loyal friends of the lawful firearms community to Parliament:
Sadly, firearm advocate Emily Brown fought a great campaign but was defeated in Burlington, as did Leona Alleslev in Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill.
With Trudeau’s useless vanity election behind us, we must now wait to see which provinces want Trudeau’s promised $1 billion to confiscate firearms from licensed firearms owners, while leaving violent drug dealers, gang members and career criminals to ply their deadly trades with impunity.
On the firearms file, it’s only a matter of time before Bills C-21 and C-22 are re-tabled in the House of Commons, albeit under different numbers and possibly even more restrictions on our community.
On the free speech file, Bill C-10 and it’s repulsive cousin, Bill C-36, will also be back and possibly with even more heavy-handed censorship.
Potentially the biggest downside of Election 2021 is that we’re stuck with a Trudeau Liberal government for longer than most of us would like.
With the NDP broke (they had to borrow millions to run this election campaign), they simply cannot afford to go back to the polls any time soon.
That means Trudeau and his gun-banning government will have plenty of time to assault our peaceful firearms community and our culture of safety – while blaming us for all the evils of those who he continues to ignore in any meaningful way.
Guess that means it’s just another Tuesday…


A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Toughen our laws on banned assault weapons by making it mandatory for owners to either sell the firearm back to the government for destruction and fair compensation or have it rendered fully and permanently inoperable at government expense.
  • Crack down on high-capacity magazines and require that long gun magazines capable of holding more than 5 rounds be permanently altered so that they can never hold more than 5 rounds.
  • Ban the sale or transfer of magazines that could hold more than a legal number of bullets, regardless of how they were intended to be used by the manufacturer.
  • Set aside a minimum of $1 billion to support provinces or territories who implement a ban on handguns across their jurisdiction, to keep our cities and communities safe.

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