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Meet Your Low-Information Minister of Public Safety

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Bill Blair doesn’t even know what’s in his own legislation

“This legislation proposes to introduce some of the strongest gun control measures in our country’s history.”[i]

If that were true, Bill C-21 would keep illegal guns out of the hands of drug dealers, gangs and other violent offenders.

Instead, Minister Blair will create another long gun registry for the Non-Restricted rifles he prohibited with his May 1st gun ban by Order in Council, a fact he openly admits.

“Under this legislation, all of those in possession of such newly prohibited firearms will be required to acquire a licence to possess the weapon. The firearm will have to be registered as a prohibited weapon.”


Because the government can’t confiscate a firearm after the next election if they don’t know where it is.


Thank You, Shannon Stubbs!

We’re grateful to Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland and critic for Public Safety, who set the record straight.

“The Liberals are big on rhetoric but short on real action. In fact, the day after the Liberals announced Bill C-21, they announced Bill C-22 which, incredibly, would eliminate mandatory minimums for unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a prohibited firearm, possession of a weapon obtained by crime, weapons trafficking, reckless discharge of a firearm, discharge of a firearm with intent to wound or endanger a person and robbery with a firearm; so reductions for all of those sentences.”

“What Bill C-21 proves is that the Liberals, as always, are more concerned with appearances. They play fast and loose with the facts, make up words to scare and ignore the actual problem.

“The reality is that taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens does nothing to stop dangerous criminals and gangs who obtain their guns illegally and already do not follow laws, do not get licences and do not care about firearms classifications. This just continues the Liberal government’s ongoing preoccupation with taking firearms off of regulated ranges, while leaving illegal guns on the streets in the hands of those gangs and criminals who will never comply.

“The tragedy is that for all the big words and tough talk from the Liberals, it is the very real victims of growing gun violence and Canadian citizens and their families who are forced to bear the brunt of these failed Liberal policies and experiments.

“What is worse is that the evidence is available for all of us to see. Experts, law enforcement and policy-makers all agree that concrete strategies and legislation must be directed at criminals and gangs and supports for at-risk youth.”


Fact-Free Minister of Public Safety?

In less than 60 seconds, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair rattled off 10 statements with no basis in fact.

Bill Blair:

We know that the Conservative leader has promised the gun lobby that he will weaken gun control. The gun lobby tells us that he has promised them that he will make assault rifles legal again, that he’ll remove the restrictions on handguns, that he’ll eliminate all controls over large-capacity magazines, that he’ll eliminate stronger background checks, that he’ll allow carry of concealed weapons. The gun lobby has said very clearly that they’ve told the Conservative leader what he’s to do, and he’s agreed to do it. Can the member confirm that it is the intention of a Conservative leader and party to weaken gun controls in the way that they have been ordered to do by the gun lobby?

Shannon Stubbs:

What on earth is this minister talking about? And what a deeply concerning and troubling — and frankly frickin ridiculous response from the one person who has the most power and the most ability to make a real difference … [2]

[House Speaker interrupts for point of order about language.]

Shannon Stubbs:

OK, I’ll put it this way: What a mind-boggling, irrelevant, political, partisan, ridiculous, superficial approach from the man charged with the chief responsibility to protect the public safety and security of every single Canadian.

We’re going to give Minister Blair the benefit of the doubt for him being a complete ignoramus because we would never, ever, ever accuse a sitting minister of the Crown of being a blatant, flagrant, malicious, shameless, vindictive, bald-faced liar.

Just as we would never call Toronto a village – although they do seem to be missing their idiot.




Watch Shannon Stubbs’ full 18-minute speech on Bill C-21





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