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CZ-858 Spartan – Molon Labe

The RCMP just can’t help themselves. They’ve banned another rifle, this time because they don’t like the words engraved on the long gun’s receiver;

Molon Labe.

Most history buffs know the story of Spartan King Leonidas. At the Battle of Thermopylae, Persian King Xerxes said, “We do not want your lives, only your arms.” Spartan King Leonidas gave a two-word reply before leading his 300 men to the defining battle of the young Greek democracy, “Molon Labe.” Come and get them.

King Leonidas fought and died, but his week of defiance gave his nation time to prepare. They successfully defended their nation from the Persian hordes.

Molon Labe.

It has become the mantra of gun owners everywhere, anytime a government crosses the line to seize firearms from law-abiding citizens. The CZ-858 Spartan is a custom production run for Canadian firearm dealer Wolverine Supplies, a long-time supporter of our firearm rights.

The CZ-858 Tactical 2P rifle is non-restricted in Canada – made so by an Act of Parliament pushed forward by former Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney against the oppressive wishes of the RCMP firearm control bureaucracy.

The only difference between the CZ-858 Spartan and the CZ-858 Tactical 2P is a maple leaf, a Spartan helmet and the words “Molon Labe.” The two rifles are absolutely identical except for those special markings added to the stock and bolt carrier.

Molon Labe.

These two words seem to have offended our would-be RCMP overlords so egregiously that they banned the rifle immediately, citing the most arcane reason possible: that under the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted, the CZ-858 Spartan is not a named exemption. Therefore, it is a prohibited firearm.

These two rifles are identical in every way except for cosmetic engraving on the bolt carrier and the stock. The RCMP say one is legal, the other is not. They claim the artwork on the non-receiver component parts make them different models.

Of course, the bolt carrier and stock are completely unregulated parts. So the question begs, does buying the bolt carrier and stock and installing them on your non-restricted CZ-858 instantly make your rifle prohibited?

Only in the minds of RCMP kleptrocrats does this rationale make any sense. Only in the minds of RCMP kleptrocrats does the “Force” have the mind-numbing ability to make up laws as it suits them.

The RCMP is a law-enforcement agency. Parliament is the body that introduces legislation and passes laws for the RCMP to enforce. Or that’s how it’s supposed to work.

So why is it that Canadians have the joy of a law enforcement agency that manufactures criminal law as it pleases and then forces those laws down our collective throats? What in blazes is wrong with an elected government that thinks it’s okay for a police agency to make the law?

TheRebel.Media reporter Faith Goldy, a long-time member of the CSSA family, is taking on the RCMP and their latest attempt to manufacture law.

She’s added a petition at the bottom of her article demanding the RCMP reverse their decision on the CZ-858 Spartan.

Sign and share the petition on social media, but please don’t stop there.

Write to the Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Ralph Goodale, and politely demand he overturn this ridiculous decision by his RCMP minions.

You can write to him postage-free at:

The Hon. Ralph Goodale, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

You can also write to Minister Goodale directly via this web page on the Public Safety Canada website:

When writing our elected representatives we must always be polite and courteous, yet firm. Politicians are people too and they, like ordinary Canadians, don’t respond well when someone is rude.

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