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Gathering Ammo Information To Attack Our Ranges

Environment Canada (EC) has commissioned a company in Vancouver called “ToxEcology – Environmental Consulting Ltd” to gather data regarding lead ammunition.

This is the second time they have launched this initiative. The intent is to gather data to be used by EC to ban the sale of all lead ammunition in Canada, despite the mountains of scientific evidence that shows lead on shooting ranges is not a problem.


Fabricated evidence against the use of lead ammunition has already resulted in the closure of shooting ranges and lead ammunition use in some regions of the world. Most harshly, it affects shotgunners and indoor ranges, despite existing safeguards that work.

Make no mistake on where this is coming from: this is being spearheaded by anti-hunting and anti-firearm groups around the globe.

And in giving ToxEcology data, you are giving them the information they will torque and spin to justify a grave attack on our community. Need some proof? How about the letter sent from ToxEcology to all “Range Managers” in Canada? Ever see a listing of Range Managers? Nope, because there is no public listing. The confidential information comes from the government through the CFOs that regulate ranges. 

As stated earlier, EC began this assault a few years ago and at that time, the Harper government recognized it for what it was – a thinly veiled anti-gun attack – and shut it down.

But it’s back.

This “study” can only have one purpose: to ignore the vast data amassed that prove lead on ranges is of no concern and to fabricate evidence that will be used to make shooting more difficult and far more expensive.

Most American and Canadian manufacturers and distributors have soundly rejected cooperation with ToxEcology.

Say NO to this request.  
“Dear Range Manager,

I am conducting a study for the Canadian Federal Government on the uses of lead in ammunition in Canada – please see attached letter. In 2013, the Canadian Government released a study on all uses of lead in Canada. This ‘State of the Science’ report looked at all products containing lead and, although uses of lead in ammunition are expected to be small compared to other uses (e.g. such as lead acid batteries), it was noted that no recent data on total uses of lead in ammunition in Canada was available. The primary aim of my work is to gather current information on lead uses in ammunition in Canada in order to fill that data gap.
As part of this study we are contacting shooting ranges in Canada to determine how much lead ammunition is used in shooting ranges across Canada.
We are also interested in the non-lead alternatives and how much of the current ammunition market in Canada is lead vs non-lead ammunition.
All data collected will be treated as confidential business information.
I would be very grateful if you could provide me with the following information:

(1)    Does your shooting range sell ammunition? If so, typically how many cartridges do you sell per year?
(2)    What % of the ammunition you sell is lead ammunition?
(3)    Over the last 5 years have your sales of lead ammunition been steady, or increased/decreased?
(4)    Taking into account that users of your shooting range can bring their own ammunition – can you estimate the total number of cartridges used per year at your shooting range?
(5)    If non-lead ammunition is sold or used at your range can you provide details on the type(s) used?
(6)    What is your experience with non-lead ammunition in terms of cost, technical performance and availability etc.?

If you would like to discuss the study in more detail please feel free to call/email me.
If you can answer some, but not all the questions, I would be grateful for any input you feel able to provide. Given the timeframe for completion of the study I would greatly appreciate receiving a response before December 21st.
Many thanks in advance for your help.


Pamela Campbell
P.M. Campbell Ph.D.
ToxEcology – Environmental Consulting Ltd ” 

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