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Canadian Firearms Community Ambushed Again

The creed of Canada’s left-wing journalists and liberal spin doctors:

Early to bed,
Early to rise.
Go to work,
and make up lies.

This was a more-than-interesting week. We saw the most amazing of deflections by veteran Mayor John Tory, who turned the public’s gaze away from his impotent efforts to control gang crime while firmly locking the media’s sights upon the innocent legal firearm owners of Canada.

We saw federal politicians dive for cover. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale mumbled something about, “we’ll look into it (gun banning).” The other parties seemingly kept their powder dry as they waited for the news cycle to complete. Meanwhile, the rest of the country mourned the injury of 13 innocents and the tragic loss of two beautiful young ladies, sparkling with potential, at the hands of a madman with an illegal gun.

“No one wants to take away your firearms.”

That disingenuous refrain can now be laid to rest. Not a shred of doubt remains. The true intent of the liberal left is as obvious as a rat turd in a sugar bowl.

The media, with the guidance of Toronto Mayor TINO (that’s Tory In Name Only), tossed truth in journalism right out the window and incrementally moved the story from a madman with an illegal gun to blaming 2.1 million Canadians who committed no crime.

The media’s hatred for our community and our culture of safety was hurled into the discourse with a startling venom. In a mere three days, the madman with an illegal gun morphed into an attack on all licensed, lawful shooters in Canada.

Blatant lies led the charge. Mayor TINO claimed 50% of crime guns in Canada originated from within Canada. Well, not quite Your Worship. It was 50% of the firearms THEY SUCCESSFULLY TRACED, and they only traced 29% of the “crime guns.” That’s 14.5%, not 50%. This comes from a report from the Firearms Operations and Enforcement Support Unit at the bottom of Page 17. (Visit Soure)

As well, the report does not define a “crime gun.” Is it a gun seized at a crime scene or one that is actually used in the commission of a crime? This is no semantic difference – i.e., the police attend an arson scene and find a deer rifle locked up in a closet. As arson is a crime, this is a gun found at a crime scene (crime gun?), although it was not used in a crime. Police reports use this type of statistical torqueing regularly and, without an accompanying definition, the figures are suspect.

Four Global News journalists spun a fanciful yarn on Thursday. It appears an  anonymous police source told them the illegal gun in question was  stolen during a break-in in Saskatoon . The amazing thing, the police have not identified the type of gun used in the murders, only that the calibre was .40 Smith and Wesson.

Apparently, these cerebrally gifted (but not-so-knowledgable-about-guns) scribes have identified a gun, stolen from a  store in Saskatchewan , as being the crime gun – because a registry entry in a redacted copy of the short-gun registry showed that it was the only theft of a .40 –– Smith & Wesson (make-of-gun) –– firearm that was stolen. It was stolen in 2016.

The writers at CTV further embellished the yarn, saying that the gun was  prohibited in Canada. Funny, because Global News gurus said the gun was  registered to a private individual in 2014 . Wow! That’s one helluva trick! Especially since the CTV hacks said the gun was  stolen in 2015 . Curiously, they cited an  anonymous police source as well.

CSSA investigative sources,  anonymous of course , have told us the whole story was a bald-faced lie perpetrated by bald-faced, lying journalidiots that were trying to make up a story that would somehow blame this on Canadian gun owners. But rest assured, no matter what our anonymous sources may say, we would NEVER believe a Canadian reporter could be so dishonest and lacking in integrity as to blatantly lie to advance their own political agenda.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Canadian Psychiatric Association warned: “that making XXXXX (the killer’s) mental state a focal point of discussions around the shooting misrepresents the majority of people grappling with similar circumstances and risks deepening the stigma they already face.”

“The perception that mental illness carries with it a potential for violence has been proven wrong in many studies,” association president Dr. Nachiketa Sinha said in a statement. “The best risk factor for future violence is previous violence –– whether one is mentally ill or not.”

Sorry Dr. Sinha, but let’s call a spade a spade. Someone who shoots children and families out enjoying a summer’s eve is mentally ill, and it’s okay for us to talk about it. We all know most people, mentally ill or not, don’t shoot other people. Honest, we get it. Besides, ordinary Canadians didn’t make the allegation he was mentally ill. A professional lobbyist and advocate who claimed to be writing on behalf of the perpetrator’s family said it in his beautifully written and polished missive.

But while we’re at it, let’s talk about the 2.1 million lawful Canadians who didn’t hurt anybody.

The honest, law-abiding Canadians who obey every stupid, dumbass ever-changing rule that our political overlords come up with –– every moronic new interpretation in the RCMP’s constantly shifting sands of legalese nonsense –– the people who strive every day to comply and be the best Canadians they can be. The trustworthy citizens that pass a police check every 24 hours under the RCMP’s Continuous Eligibility Program. These people are half as likely to commit a violent crime as an average Canadian and one third as likely to commit a violent crime as a police officer.

How about them? Are they stigmatized when friends and family criticize and shun them? Do they feel the frustration of being blamed for crimes they didn’t commit by self-serving politicians trying to deflect responsibility for their foolish decisions? How about the media reports riddled with politically correct agendas but no semblance of truth and integrity?

Yes, it bugs us a lot, but we vote and so do our families –– and scapegoating politicians and dishonest journalists can’t afford to make any more lifetime enemies.

NOTE: Not every journalist is a dishonest scoundrel. Thank you Joe Warmington, Chris Selley, Brian Lilley, Anthony Furey, Lorne Gunter, Christie Blatchford, and the ever-amazing Rex Murphy for your honesty. We know we missed a few, but we appreciate you too.





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