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No action is good news as Liberals fumble with the safety lock

Linda Slobodian | Western Standard | April 10, 2024

Tick tock. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is up against the federal election clock. So many more freedoms to assault, so little time before the cabal gets the expected eviction notice.

There’s a radiant silver lining to the Trudeau government’s profoundly abysmal inefficiency, particularly when it comes to its sinister plot to confiscate tens of thousands of firearms. But not from armed criminals who prefer preying on people unable to protect themselves.

The gun grab from licenced owners isn’t going well for them at all, despite it being so near and dear to their power-hungry, executive decree happy, Charter-ignoring, neo-Marxist brittle hearts.

So much for the Liberal/NDP-backed farcical years of howling about the urgent need to protect Canadians from responsible firearms enthusiasts, hunters and farmers.

Some urgency.

Despite $42 million dollars so far spent on the scheme, few guns have been confiscated, even though the Liberals are aided and abetted by weak and willing RCMP brass.

That $42 million is a pittance of what the gun grab is expected to cost. But it would have gone a long way to support overwhelmed, overworked border agents and police slugging it out in the trenches trying keep our streets safe from criminals armed with guns and knives, the favourite weapon of choice.

While professing to care deeply about Canadians’ safety, the Liberals lost track of 28,000-plus “failed refugee claimants” for whom Canada Border Services Agency issued active warrants. Only fools would believe none of these people defying our laws aren’t a safety threat as they roam freely among us.

Against the wishes of Canadians, the Liberals enforce a kinder, gentler approach to handling criminals while both urban and rural communities become increasingly dangerous.

But it is legal, law-abiding firearms owners that the Liberals have ruthlessly vilified as the biggest threat.

By executive decree, adding to Bill C-21 in 2021, the Liberal government last fall wantonly bypassed Parliament to attack licenced gun owners and businesses, ordering new rifle and shotgun seizures. That followed decrees against rifle and shotgun owners in May 2020 and another in October 2022 to confiscate handguns.

The gun grab is a thinly-veiled ruse by a spiteful government that so easily imposed the War Measures (Emergencies) Act on God-fearing, freedom loving Canadians who peacefully stood up to its tyranny under the COVID-19 mandates.

The consequences of the Trudeau government — that has a penchant for embracing globalists dictates — disarming good Canadians would be devastating. And that’s not a conspiracy theory! The Liberals have proven they have no respect for the Charter of rights. Or you.

“This is a case where we will be saved by government incompetence and corruption,” Western Standard President Derek Fildebrandt posted on Twitter (“X”) Tuesday.

“Ottawa’s inability to do almost anything on time and on budget will mean almost no guns will be confiscated before the Liberals are likely out of power.”

So, what exactly has been happening on the gun grab front? Not much, other than squandering taxpayers’ money.

Last fall, the Liberals said that 1,200 firearms on the banned list — including semi-automatic, centrefire and magazine-fed rifles and shotguns — had been turned in.

The Liberals hunger to go after up to 150,000 to 200,000 of 1,500 types of prohibited registered firearms through a 2020 order in council — some they have mislabelled as assault weapons — from licenced gun owners and up to 15,000 owned by businesses.

They’re targeting existing and future models of firearms.

No doubt, challenges in federal court have interfered with and perhaps slowed down the assault on legal gun owners. But it seems incompetence rules.

What has the small army of more than a dozen full-time RCMP and dozens of bureaucrats in several federal agencies assigned to the task been doing to earn their pay?

The Liberals hired IBM at a cool $2.2 million to design and develop the grab. Where did the other $40 million go?

Amnesty for licenced owners has thrice been pushed forward to its current 2025 extension.

The Liberals have seen some success in this fiasco, doing what they do best — suppressing information and free speech with social media regulations and red tape from firearms enthusiasts and the industry.

On March 25, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) published a blog noting “a significant decrease in the amount of firearms-related content” that doesn’t appear to violate toughened restrictions on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

But it’s open season when it comes to fearmongering about gun violence that rarely traces back to legal gun owners — and often traces back to guns smuggled over the border — who safely use and store their firearms.

Trudeau once told a press conference his “one goal” in this was to protect Canadians.

“We are not targetting law-abiding citizens who own guns to go hunting or for sport shooting. The measures we’re proposing are concrete and practical,” he boldly, shamelessly fibbed.

The federal election should take place by October 2025. If brought back to power the Liberals, in spite of their stumbling, incompetent selves will vengefully rev up the gun grab assault at a cost pegged at anywhere from $300 million to almost $5 billion.

And in doing so, they will jeopardize the safety of even more law-abiding Canadians who are at risk from illegal firearms in the hands of criminals they go so easy on.

They don’t care. Ideology and power will always be most important to these freedom-crushing clowns who accidentally helped us through sheer incompetence.

Linda Slobodian | Western Standard | April 10, 2024


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