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A Blueprint for Better Government

A Blueprint for Better Government

Ronald Reagan, describing the evil of government, said, “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

On April 1, Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax rose by 23% and increased the cost of everything, including the fuel to get to work, heat your home, and deliver groceries to your local store.

“Every time you open your fridge, every time you fill up your car, and every time you pay for the roof over your family’s head, the Liberal-NDP coalition no one asked for will now be coming for even more of your hard-earned wages, at a time when millions of Canadians have already been forced onto the precipice of economic ruin,” wrote Alexander Brown, director of communications for the National Citizens Coalition.[i]

But Trudeau didn’t stop there.

Automatic pay raises added $8,500 per MP to your already heavy tax burden.[ii] An MP’s base salary is now $203,100, a whopping 3.5 times the average annual income of “ordinary” people.

“Canadians were struggling with a pandemic with lockdowns, with sky high inflation, with the housing affordability crisis, with food banks seeing record lineups, but none of that stopped MPs from giving themselves a raise every single year while their constituents struggled,” said Franco Terrazzano, Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Intentional Destruction of Our Economy?

If this sounds depressing, it’s intentionally designed to be depressing.

When people feel helpless and hopeless, they look for someone to “save” them. They turn to government – the very entity that destroyed their lives in the first place.

Governments don’t save anyone.

People do, yet most of us throw our hands in the air and cry, “What can I do? I’m just one person!

Margaret Mead gives us the answer.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

The Prescription Nobody Wants to Hear

Get Involved Politically.

We must save ourselves. Nobody else will, because nobody else can. Nobody cares as much as we do, yet few want to do the daily work required.

We must get involved. We must stay involved. We must protect and defend the rights and freedoms our forefathers fought and died to defend, or they will disappear.

Once gone, getting them back is all-but-impossible.

Our Return to Freedom and Prosperity Starts Here

More government is not the solution.

Too much government is the reason why Canada is in this mess.

Politicians follow trends, they don’t create them. Support for the Liberal and NDP parties, especially since they formed a coalition to keep Justin Trudeau in power, is dropping like a rock.

As Liberal and NDP support plummets, the Conservative Party, under Pierre Poilievre, is soaring to heights not seen in a generation.

Every other political party, in the context of forming government, is irrelevant.

If you prefer some other party, great. If they stand a realistic chance of getting elected in your riding, then work your butt off to get them elected.

But be honest with yourself. If they haven’t elected a single MP in the past three federal elections, it is rational to assume there is no chance they will form government in the next one.

If you disagree with our assessment, you’re entitled to believe whatever you want.

Instead, take a deep breath, exhale, and accept today’s political reality.

The Conservative Party is the only electable alternative to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal-NDP Coalition.

Some members get very angry when we say this. We understand it, though that anger is misplaced.

Our job is to view the world practically – as it is – and advise our members based upon your firearms rights.

The CSSA will support any party THAT HAS A CHANCE TO FORM GOVERNMENT in the next federal election.

We will not support any party, despite their pleasantly-worded firearms policies, when they can’t elect a single Member of Parliament.

We must support the leaders and the party that will – should they be elected to government – best protect and defend our interests.

How You Can Help

The next federal election is on the horizon. Elections run on time and money. Give some of both and tell them why.

If you want your local MP to support your rights and freedoms, you need to tell them.

Politicians are bombarded with a hundred requests every day. If you want them to listen to your concerns, you must share them regularly and use every medium at your disposal to do so.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If your MP hears from hundreds of gun owners, they will move firearms issues higher up their priority list. When MPs gather to discuss the concerns they hear AND we do our job, those concerns rise to a national level and get dealt with.

It all starts with you.

Contact your local EDA (electoral district association) and volunteer your time. Do the work required to ensure the rights and freedoms we hold dear today will exist for our children and grandchildren a decade from now.

Write, call and email your Member of Parliament. Let them know how you feel about whatever issue is on your mind today. Then do it again tomorrow. And the day after that. And again the day after that, and don’t stop until they do what you want.

How do you walk a mile? One step at a time. Your small effort today is the bedrock upon which all your future efforts will stand.

Today is the day to sow the seeds of freedom and personal responsibility.

Canadians have lost sight of these values after a decade of Liberal rule.

It’s on all of us to do the hard work required today so we can achieve our goals for firearms fairness in the time after the next federal election.




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