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Systemic Liberal Incompetence Costs All Taxpayers

Two recent reports highlight the utter incompetence of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.


Blacklock’s Reporter notes that, in addition to 32 contractors hired at an expense of $59.2 million, Canada Border Services Agency staff logged 134,000 hours on the ArriveCan app, known better as ArriveScam, both for its uselessness and massive costs.[i]

CBSA testified that “as many as 38 employees” logged an average of 503 hours, or 3.5 months, per employee.

Another 35 Public Health Agency employees worked on the project, but the number of hours they logged was not disclosed, which leaves Canadians with two unanswered questions.

What did these 32 contractors do for their $59.2 million in fees?

What did 73 federal employees do that these 32 contractors could not?

We may never know.

What we do know is that Minh Doan, chief federal technology officer, refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing when he defiantly testified, “As far as I am concerned it saved lives.”

He could not provide any evidence to back up his ridiculous claim.

Liberal Gun Confiscation Scheme

How do you define a total policy failure?

Spending $42 million on a gun confiscation scheme before confiscating a single firearm is an excellent answer.[ii]

This number came in response to an Order Paper question filed by Senator Don Plett last September.

“How can your government have spent $42 million on this,” Senator Plett asked, “when not a single firearm has been bought back? This is a boondoggle, and it hasn’t even begun.”

On October 20, 2023, the government said, “Since the prohibition on May 1, 2020, approximately 1,200 prohibited firearms that were formerly restricted and registered have been turned in and destroyed.”[iii]

Using the $42 million figure Senator Plett uncovered, that’s a whopping $35,000 in costs for every one of those 1,200 guns surrendered, without a penny in compensation being paid.

Where Does The Money Go?

The RCMP “is managing a team of 15 full-time employees devoted to the gun grab.”

Service Canada has assigned two employees, and Public Services and Procurement Canada said it has devoted “the equivalent of 5.825 full-time employees” to the gun grab.

With 23 full-time bureaucrats across four federal agencies working on the confiscation scheme, why did Trudeau’s government hire IBM, at a cost of $2.27 million, to develop, design and implement this Liberal gun grab?

Another question to which we may never know the answer.

Cost estimates for this latest Liberal gun grab vary widely.

Bill Blair’s low-end estimate, $300-$400 million[iv], came after he previously claimed it would cost $400-$600 million. Blair gave no explanation for the dramatic drop in estimated costs.

Blair also did not acknowledge the Justice Department’s 2019 internal estimate that the gun grab would cost $1.8 billion.[v]

Dr. Gary Mauser estimated the federal government’s Firearm Confiscation Compensation Program would cost a minimum of $1.64 billion up to $4.92 billion in the first year.[vi]

More Liberal Lies?

We’ve witnessed a long history of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government knowingly lying to Canadians.

Worse, the longer Trudeau remains in power, the more lies he and his government tell in their attempt to cover up their gross incompetence.

Have we as a country finally arrived at what, for many, is the inescapable conclusion that a dead dog would do a better job of running this country than Justin Trudeau?








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