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Immigrant Father Killed, 15-year-old wounded in Random Toronto Drive-By Shootings

Justin Trudeau’s so-called “handgun freeze” – stopping licensed firearms owners from buying, selling or trading legally-owned firearms – was sold to Canadians as a way to stop criminals from obtaining the guns they use to destroy lives year in and year out.

“When people are being killed, when people are being hurt, responsible leadership requires us to act,” Trudeau said. “We’ve seen too many examples of horrific tragedies involving firearms.”[i]

Yet 16 months after Trudeau’s “handgun freeze” took effect, Toronto criminals continue to shoot and kill innocent people and fellow criminals alike as if Trudeau’s actions had no effect upon them whatsoever.

Adu Boakye, a 39-year-old father of four who immigrated from Ghana, was “completely and utterly innocent” when he was murdered on February 17th, said Toronto Police Services (TPS) Supt. Andy Singh.[ii]

The day before, a 15-year old on his way to a volleyball game was shot and remains in critical condition in hospital.

Both men were shot while standing at a bus stop when an unknown assailant approached them and shot them.

“Our investigation thus far has revealed there is no relationship between Mr. Boakye and the individual, or individuals, who shot him,” said Det. Phillip Campbell. “And, like the victim shot the day before, Mr. Boakye was innocently going about his business [when he was shot].”

While investigators believe the two shootings are connected, they have no suspects.

The  Toronto Police Service Firearms Discharges Open Data page shows a city literally covered in shootings.[iii]

Criminals overwhelmingly use smuggled guns to commit their heinous acts year in and year out.

According to Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw, 86% of the guns used in crimes were smuggled into Canada from the United States. This trend has been on the rise since 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Attacking legal firearms owners is a proven vote-getter for the Liberal Party. The facts do not justify Trudeau’s actions or those of his predecessors.

The Liberal Party knows Canadians, especially those living in our major cities, are afraid because nobody appears able to stop violent criminals from murdering innocent people like Adu Boakye or maiming innocent people like the 16-year-old shot the day before.

Their fear makes them susceptible to Liberal Lies – that by stopping RCMP-vetted and government-licensed firearms owners from buying and selling guns, criminals will somehow be deprived of the weapons they use to kill and injure others.

You don’t stop drunk drivers by confiscating the cars of sober drivers.

You stop drunk drivers by catching them and taking away their vehicles and their rights.

The same logic applies to violent criminals.

Government will never stop a criminal from killing or maiming anyone by leaving them alone or attacking law-abiding citizens, yet both are Justin Trudeau’s policy on crime and have been since he was elected in 2015.

He and his government continue to ignore criminals and lower prison sentences for them, while they attack Canada’s most law-abiding citizens – federally licensed and RCMP-vetted firearms owners.

The only way you can’t comprehend those facts is if you refuse to comprehend those facts.





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