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CPC Leadership Candidate Pierre Poilievre comments on Latest Liberal Assault on Lawful Gun Owners

Liberals like Justin Trudeau and Jean Charest have completely failed on firearms. Their useless registries do nothing to target criminals.
My Government will respect law-abiding gun owners, put dangerous criminals behind bars and stop gun smugglers at the border.

I will end the absurd Liberal airsoft ban.

Let’s be clear about something else: the Liberals are not doing a handgun “freeze”.

Nothing in yesterday’s announcement will “freeze” the flow of already-illegal handguns smuggled from the U.S., which are responsible for the vast majority of gun crimes, according to Toronto police.

I will direct resources away from targeting licensed and lawful firearms owners who are trained and tested, and instead bolster the border against smugglers and put violent gun criminals behind bars.

I will replace this Liberal made-for-Hollywood approach to firearm classification with one that focuses on what the firearm does. Firearms should be classified by what they do, not how they look.

And I will rely on an expert task force to define the criteria by which this will occur, and that task force will include farmers, Olympic sport shooters, First Nations, hunters, frontline law enforcement, and technical experts, like gun collectors.

Pierre Poilievre

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