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CSSA Supports Our Next Generation of Sports Shooters Through Scouts Canada

CSSA Supports Our Next Generation of Sports Shooters Through Scouts Canada

For many CSSA members, their introduction to the shooting sports was through Scouts Canada. So when Mike Melnichuk, an alumni of the Camp Samac Scout Centre[i] and CSSA member, reached out to us for help, we answered the call without hesitation.

The problem? The air rifles used at Camp Samac to teach young people about firearms safety and the life skills of self-discipline were in woefully in disrepair. They needed to be replaced.

We reached out to our friends at Stoeger Canada[ii] and explained the problem. They gave us a fantastic discount on a dozen new air rifles, the Stoeger Model S3000-C, which CSSA Executive Director Tony Bernardo delivered to Camp Samac on Saturday, May 25th.

As you can see in the photo above, the children were ecstatic, as were the Scouts Canada representatives on hand to receive the donation.

“On behalf of the Samac Range Committee, I would like to thank the CSSA for their commitment to supporting Scouting Youth through your donation of 12 Stoeger Air Rifles. Such contributions can provide youth with valuable opportunities to learn about marksmanship and responsibility in a safe and supervised environment. Thank you for your generosity and dedication to empowering youth through Scouting.”

– Keith Noorlander,  Samac Range Committee

After receiving the new air rifles, the Scout leader asked all the children to line up and then, one by one, they each walked up to Tony Bernardo, shook his hand and thanked him for CSSA’s generous donation of these air rifles.

“In an age where politeness, manners and gratitude seem out of vogue, it was touching to have these young people express their appreciation,” said Mr. Bernardo.

These children are the future of our heritage and our longstanding culture of safety in the shooting sports.

We encourage all CSSA members (and non-members) to support CSSA’s Scouts Canada Shooting Program with your generous donation today.  

 Canada Post Update

As we reported on April 25, 2024[iii], Canada Post announced they would not participate in Justin Trudeau’s Firearms Confiscation Compensation Scheme because of concerns about employee safety and security.

What news reports didn’t mention is that shipping prohibited rifles and shotguns via Canada Post is a criminal code offense, as is the transportation of a prohibited rifle, shotgun or device from its registered location by its licensed owner.

That authority to transport was specifically revoked in the original May 1, 2020, Order in Council prohibition order.

To get around the mess they created, Public Safety Canada issued “Order Amending the Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2020): SOR/2024-84[iv] and then tabled the “Proposed Regulation of the Shipment by Post of Certain Prohibited Firearms and Prohibited Devices by Certain Businesses Regulations” in the House of Commons.[v]

SOR/2024-84 makes it possible for an individual, business or employee of a business to participate in the Liberal government’s Firearms Confiscation Compensation Scheme.

Under Section 2, “Shipment of specified firearms” of The Proposed Regulations, “Despite Section 15 of the Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individuals Regulations, a person that is a business” can now ship prohibited firearms via Canada Post if they meet certain conditions.

  • The business must have “an agreement with the Government of Canada regarding the destruction of the specified firearm”
  • The addressee is a person who has entered into an agreement with the Government of Canada regarding the destruction of the specified firearm or is acting in the course of their duties, including as an employee or agent or mandatary, on behalf of a person who has entered into such an agreement
  • The specified firearm is posted using the most secure means of transmission by post that includes the requirement to obtain a signature on delivery
  • And that the firearm be unloaded, secured using a secure locking device without ammunition or prohibited ammunition, etc.[vi]

The hypocrisy is palpable.

For decades, prohibited rifles and shotguns were deemed so dangerous they could not be shipped by Canada Post.

Now, because the Liberal Government has run out of options, it’s now perfectly fine to ship prohibited rifles and shotguns by Canada Post.

Since May 1, 2020, these so-called “dangerous” firearms have remained safely in the possession of Canada’s most law-abiding citizens – licensed firearms owners.

Nothing has changed except those licensed owners are deprived of using their lawfully acquired property.

Violent criminals still gain access to illegal guns smuggled into Canada.

Drug dealers continue to shoot up the streets of our major, and increasingly smaller, cities with no end in sight.

Repeat violent offenders are ignored by a Firearms Prohibition order system that never checks to see if those offenders comply with those orders.

Federally licensed, RCMP-vetted Canadians continue to be the scapegoat for Justin Trudeau’s incompetence at keeping Canadians safe, and for all his failed policies that permit all of those violent, repeat offenders to commit their heinous acts.

A federal election cannot come soon enough.

Unfortunately, that will not happen any time soon because Justin Trudeau, like all petty tyrants, cannot let go of the reins of power despite his utter incompetence at wielding such power.








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