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Did RCMP Canadian Firearms Program Techs Violate the Firearms Act 340 Times?

Since the Liberal Government’s May 1st gun ban by Order in Council was announced, computer techs at the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program have reclassified 340 specific firearms as Prohibited.[i]

This raises two issues.

First, the term variant is not defined in the Firearms Act, which means the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program can literally claim anything is a variant of an AR-15, for example, and there is no way to correct the RCMP’s mistake.

A case in point: the Adler B210, a bolt action shotgun, was reclassified by the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program as Prohibited because, in their bizarre view, this bolt action shotgun is a variant of the AR-15.[ii]

In similarly idiotic fashion, they reclassified the Saiga 410C Semi-Automatic Shotgun as a variant of the Soviet AK-47 battle rifle.[iii]

Not one part is shared by these two so-called variants and the AR-15 or AK-47. Not one.

Yet because the term is not defined in law and our current government doesn’t care about firearms owners, they get away with this nonsense.

Second, changing a firearm’s classification after one year is a violation of the Firearms Act, making every one of those 340 firearm reclassifications a separate offence.

The Firearms Records Regulations (Classification) state:[iv]

Keeping and amendment of records

1 Only the Registrar may keep or amend records of determinations made under the Firearms Act that firearms of a particular type, make and model are prohibited firearms, restricted firearms or neither prohibited firearms nor restricted firearms.

2 The Registrar must keep a record of every determination referred to in section 1 that he or she makes.

3 The records referred to in section 2 must not be amended more than one year after the day on which they are made and must not be destroyed.

Every time the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program unilaterally reclassified one of these 340 firearms they blatantly and flagrantly violated of the Firearms Act




Our question for Public Safety Minister Blair is quite simple.

Minister Blair, when will you order the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program to abide by the Firearms Act?


PS: We’re not holding our breath waiting for an answer.







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